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Claudia restaurant has a new ‘forever home’ for Chef Trevor Teich’s culinary innovations (Episode 561)

Award-winning chef Trevor Teich is opening a new, permanent location for his celebrated restaurant, Claudia, in Bucktown this summer. He joins me tonight to talk about Claudia’s path from its pop-up beginnings through the present. Be prepared to drool as…

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Tequila seltzer has arrived in Illinois! Cracking open Freshie with Paige and Ryne Ismenger (Episode 551)

Tequlia seltzer? Will it make this cold, miserable February feel more like summer? We’re in. Freshie sparkling tequila seltzer is a locally-created entry to the world of seltzers. Creators/entrepreneurs/tequila imagineers Paige and Ryne Iseminger are on to talk about launching…

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Stupid Rad entrepreneurship: The merch world of Simeon Meyer (Episode 542)

Bands need allies, and a trusted merch partner is everything. Over the past several years, Stupid Rad Merch has become a major go-to for local and touring musicians. But how did Stupid Rad find its footing and make its way…

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AWOLNATION/Distillers tour manager launches skateboard company (Episode 518)

Finless Skateboard Co. is in the home stretch of its Kickstarter campaign to produce eco-friendly decks with vintage feels and a modern twist. Dan McKay is a tour manager for bands like Cypress Hill and the Distillers. When the pandemic…

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The smells of Chicago come alive in candle form at Beverly Dry Goods (Episode 513)

I love candles. If you watch the FB Live broadcasts, 9 times out of 10 there’s a candle lit behind me. Imagine my excitement when I learned of Beverly Dry Goods on the South Side, selling candles with fragrances like…

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A successful pandemic-era food business created out of ‘spite’: Hardbittenn (Episode 512)

As the world constricted and the service industry was getting chokeslammed, an incalculable number of employees were cut loose or laid off. That’s Chef Halee Raff’s story. She got laid off and decided to go full-speed ahead with her own…

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Innovation and entrepreneurship for Chicago’s creatives: 2112 (Episode 387)

Chicago’s creative community is lucky to have a resource like 2112 Chicago. I talked tonight with Scott Fetters (director), Rob Tovar (film/the Hangar) and Saudia Davis (Center for Creative Entrepreneurship) about innovating around (and through) this time of pandemic and…

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Zero-proof whiskey and gin: ‘We literally cannot make this fast enough for demand’ (Marcus Sakey of Ritual Zero Proof) – Episode 304

I’m not drunk… YOU’RE DRUNK.

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All aboard Transit Tees – Talking Chicago retail while eating food from the Delta (Episode 294)

Tim and Tom from Transit Tees (locations in Wicker Park and Andersonville) join me to talk about their successful, unique, and Chicago-centric retail operation. To help fuel the conversation, we’re eating food from The Delta in Wicker Park! Car Con…

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‘You are destined to experience most things bewildered and alone’: ‘OddBox’ creator Steve Gadlin (Episode 288)

Entrepreneur Steve Gadlin (I Want to Draw a Cat for You, Raccoon Penis Bones, Two-Film t-shirt, OddBox) joins me this week for pierogi in Chicago’s Loop area. It’s been a bit… the last time Steve was on the show was…