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Southside Jake stays on brand, drinks Busch Light (Episode 536)

“Blue collar hip hop” artist Southside Jake is a Chicago-based songwriter whose latest song, “Outside,” is a throwback to more innocent times. We talk about that, growing up on the south side, the music scenes he straddles and the positives…

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Malört: When you need to unfriend someone in person. CH Distillery owner Tremaine Atkinson (Episode 535)

Malört: Turning taste-buds into taste-foes for generations. CH Distillery owner/head distiller Tremaine Atkinson joins me to talk about the most “Chicago” spirit of all.  We also cover plenty of CH history, too.

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‘What will become of us’ – The approachable goth of the Well Tempered (Episode 534)

Meet The Well Tempered. RIYL Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, New Order. The synthy, moody gloom of the Well Tempered feels appropriate for January, to say nothing of a January spinning out of 2020. The project of musician Robert Bock…

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Craft brewing with a community focus: Sketchbook Brewing (Episode 533)

I talked tonight with Cesar Marron and Shawn Decker, the managing partners of Sketchbook Brewing Company, about their company history. We went back to the beginning, when they were serving 2 oz. pours in an Evanston alley, and covered everything…

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‘Don’t do really dumb things’ – Dad’s Great Advice for Teens with Marc Fienberg (Episode 532)

Have kids? They could probably use some advice. Author, filmmaker and old JVO schoolmate Marc Fienberg is on tonight to talk about his helpful, insightful and entertaining recent book release, “Dad’s Great Advice for Teens.”

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Kung-fu movies! Music movies! Robot movies! The Big Lebowski! Let’s go to the drive-in! (Episode 531)

“This is Spinal Tap.” “The Big Lebowski.” Lots of Kung-Fu movies. The drive-in situation at Rock Island Public House is awesome for the rest of the month. RIPH drive-in movie curator and movie fanatic Mike Vanderbilt is back on tonight!

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TheLINE makes music-making a family affair (Episode 530)

The best thing about TheLINE’s sound is it’s *their* sound. You can find hints of stuff you love in everything they do, but the end result is uniquely theirs. After a considerable time away, TheLINE reemerged in the late 10s,…

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Get your adorable ‘Bobo the dog’ calendar and support The Atlas Moth (Episode 529)

Do you like dogs? How about dogs in people’s clothes? Do you also like supporting members of Chicago’s music community? I have just the thing for you: “Bobo, 12 months a year,” a handsome calendar featuring Bobo the dog, owned…

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Blown-off and solo for the last show of 2020 (Episode 528)

There’s nothing worse than a last-minute blow-off from a guest. I was just waiting for the guest to pop up on Zoom, and… nothing. I called. I texted. Nothing. So here I am. Hi. Just me. If that’s not the…

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Chicago comedian Calvin Evans headlines Zanies for NYE (Episode 527)

Zanies is ringing in the new year with a live streaming event of Chicago comedians, hosted by the very-funny Calvin Evans. Calvin’s my guest tonight, as we try to burn 2020 from our minds.