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Local black metal project Annihilus is raw, primal and awesome (Episode 648)

Raw. Primal. Awesome. Black metal project Annihilus returns with the follow-up to last year’s celebrated “Ghanima” release with “Follow a Song From the Sky.” Luca Cimarusti joins me to talk about forging the album during sheltering-in-place, why the band name…

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Nightmare fuel and a cool song with a violin: The joy of DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT (Episode 604)

Their videos are nightmare fuel. Their music is heavy and haunting. Their name is vegan-enraging. Join me for a special Sunday night recording with the dark force known as DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT.

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Suburban thrash band Having Kittens readies new album (Episode 578)

How about a little thrash for your Sunday night? Meet Having Kittens, “Illinois’ premier PURRVIOLENCE band. We are all about friendship, Satan, cats and having a good time.” If that doesn’t check all the boxes for you, I don’t know…

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The highly listenable, instrumental, post rock/metal/progressive sounds of Coyote Man (Episode 568)

With hints of post rock and metal, south siders Coyote Man are an instrumental band worthy of your attention. They join me tonight on Car Con Carne. Car Con Carne is sponsored by my home away from home, Siren Records…

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Get your adorable ‘Bobo the dog’ calendar and support The Atlas Moth (Episode 529)

Do you like dogs? How about dogs in people’s clothes? Do you also like supporting members of Chicago’s music community? I have just the thing for you: “Bobo, 12 months a year,” a handsome calendar featuring Bobo the dog, owned…

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Stoner metal/doom band Black Road talks horror, pot and music (Episode 394)

Suzi and Tim from stoner/doom band Black Road talk about their five-year history as a band, their visual image, their interest in horror, making videos and the Chicago music scene. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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Veil of Maya guitarist Marc Okubo talks new album, Chicago roots (Episode 370)

Veil of Maya just released a new song, “Outsider,” and guitarist/songwriter Marc Okubo joins me for a new episode of Car Con Carne!

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The rabbits-foot-luck, discography and Chicago connections of NONPOINT (Episode 363)

Elias and Robb of Nonpoint jumped on Car Con Carne to talk about: The Quarantine Sessions What bands *should* do once touring resumes The importance of community The band’s connection to Chicago The impending 20th anniversary of “Statement” Phil Collins…

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This band is catnip for all men: HUNTSMEN (Episode 352)

just released what is the best concept album of 2020, and we still have 8 months to go. “Mandala of Fear” is a sprawling, 80-minute set of metal that melds a variety of sounds, styles and techniques into something fresh…

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Burgers! Metal! It’s a Kuma’s Fest preview with The Atlas Moth (Episode 308)

Defining The Atlas Moth’s sound is like “nailing Jell-O to a wall.”