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Car Con Carne: The highlight reel

Check out this quick “sizzle reel,” produced by the extraordinarily talented Giorgio Reyes!

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What does ‘SFA’ mean? Singer/songwriter Jennifer Hall will never tell. (Episode 541)

Chicago singer/songwriter Jennifer Hall released what is her finest recording to date, “SFA,” just two weeks ago. She joins me tonight to talk about music-making, her stunning videos and life in the city. Vote Car Con Carne in the Chicago…

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COVID-19: Where we’ve been, and where we’re going (Dr. Daryl Wilson) – Episode 540

Instead of talking about punk rock and comic books like we usually do, Dr. Daryl Wilson joins Car Con Carne tonight to speak about his pandemic-related thoughts and experiences. Don’t worry; we also talk about punk rock and comics. Vote…

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Erica Nicole Clark: Teacher by day. Stand-up comic by night. Mr. T’s daughter always. (Episode 539)

The very funny Erica Nicole Clark joins me to preview the Laugh More Virtual Comedy Series for Zanies! We talk about life under Zoom, the awfulness of Wrigleyville and her super-famous father (Mr. T). The Laugh More Virtual Comedy Series…

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This is what hopelessness and despair sound like… and it’s awesome. Meet 5RVLN5 (Episode 538)

If you’re looking for spirit-lifting, celebratory music, I might suggest listening to another podcast tonight. 5RVLN5 creates dark, hopeless industrial sounds that feel like the “regret” side of a days-long bender. Chuck Clybourne of 5RVLN5 is here to welcome us…

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Joel McHale talks ‘Stargirl,’ ‘The Soup’ and why we all need a Ken Jeong (Episode 537)

Joel McHale is one of the funniest actors/hosts/comics/writers/directors in entertainment. Joel joins Car Con Carne this week as part of a partnership with the Brent Sopel Foundation. Brent and I talk with Joel about hosting the 2014 White House Correspondents…

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Southside Jake stays on brand, drinks Busch Light (Episode 536)

“Blue collar hip hop” artist Southside Jake is a Chicago-based songwriter whose latest song, “Outside,” is a throwback to more innocent times. We talk about that, growing up on the south side, the music scenes he straddles and the positives…

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Malört: When you need to unfriend someone in person. CH Distillery owner Tremaine Atkinson (Episode 535)

Malört: Turning taste-buds into taste-foes for generations. CH Distillery owner/head distiller Tremaine Atkinson joins me to talk about the most “Chicago” spirit of all.  We also cover plenty of CH history, too.

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‘What will become of us’ – The approachable goth of the Well Tempered (Episode 534)

Meet The Well Tempered. RIYL Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, New Order. The synthy, moody gloom of the Well Tempered feels appropriate for January, to say nothing of a January spinning out of 2020. The project of musician Robert Bock…

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Craft brewing with a community focus: Sketchbook Brewing (Episode 533)

I talked tonight with Cesar Marron and Shawn Decker, the managing partners of Sketchbook Brewing Company, about their company history. We went back to the beginning, when they were serving 2 oz. pours in an Evanston alley, and covered everything…