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Electro-pop duo Butcher and the Florist (Episode 564)

Electro-pop duo Butcher and the Florist (Jody & Kendel) slinks into the show tonight, on the heels of their “Quiet Beasts” song/video release.

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Badfinger, the Beatles and ‘Breaking Bad’ – Guitarist Joey Molland (Episode 563)

Here in the midwest, power pop is a strong, pervasive influence on music. One of power-pop’s architects, Guitarist Joey Molland of Badfinger, joins me tonight. Joey’s career is fascinating and enmeshed with rock and roll history. From Badfinger’s signing to…

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Vintage finds at the sustainable, charitable Capucine (Episode 562)

The sustainable, charitable vintage store Capucine was created to “promote sustainable design, to serve the community, to draw attention to local women- and minority-owned businesses and to provide employment opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Owner Kate Reavy joins me tonight…

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Claudia restaurant has a new ‘forever home’ for Chef Trevor Teich’s culinary innovations (Episode 561)

Award-winning chef Trevor Teich is opening a new, permanent location for his celebrated restaurant, Claudia, in Bucktown this summer. He joins me tonight to talk about Claudia’s path from its pop-up beginnings through the present. Be prepared to drool as…

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They live on take-out food, sing about it and talk about it: Fuzzbucket (Episode 560)

Every now and then, a song hits you because it accurately reflects your world at that moment. Enter Fuzzbucket and their song, “Take Out” (“I can live off take out food. I don’t even need to leave my room”). Hashtag…

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The romantic and artistic partnership at the core of Fairview: Matt and Lizzy (Episode 559)

Meet the living, breathing version of the “heart eyes” emoji. The pure pop sounds of Fairview are bolstered by the real-life romantic relationship between Matt Richardson and Lizzy Zyburt. Fairview’s definitely a band to watch: They just released a new…

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Poverty, revenge, religion and violence: Comics creator Sal Abbinanti’s ‘The Hostage’ (Episode 558)

“This hostage was not born. It was not sent. It was the dream of the kids that never felt sorry for themselves.” “The Hostage” is a new graphic novel from independent comic artist Sal Abbinanti that tells the story of…

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Olympic gold medalist/activist/author/legend Greg Louganis (Episode 557)

This episode is another collaboration with the Brent Sopel Foundation series, “You Are Not Alone.” To see the full interview, please visit the Brent Sopel Foundation website or Facebook page. Our guest this week is, quite simply, the best diver…

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Tomahawk guitarist Duane Denison talks new album, band history (Episode 556)

One of the modern era’s great guitarists is Tomahawk’s Duane Denison. His scorched-earth work with the Jesus Lizard in the 90s was some of the most vital and dangerous-sounding music of that period. Balance that with his contributions to Hank…

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Chicago’s ‘man of the people,’ comedian Pat Tomasulo previews Zanies event (Episode 555)

He is truly a “man of the people.” Comedian, sportscaster, and larger-than-life Chicago media personality Pat Tomasulo is part of Zanies’ virtual “Laugh More Live (Cupid Edition)” on Sunday. He joins me live right now on Car Con Carne! Also…