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Let’s drink Soju and bring on the new year! Miki’s Park in River North (Episode 526)

Miki’s Park opened in River North in March, 2020… mere days before it would be forced to close for a couple weeks. Miki’s Park’s story isn’t unique or special, but it is emblematic of what a challenging year it’s been…

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Another walk through the pop-art studio of painter George Zak (Episode 525)

Just before Thanksgiving, we checked in on the progress of local artist George Zak. Since then, he remarkably has even more pieces to show and discuss… right before Christmas. At this rate, I should probably go ahead and book him…

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From ‘The Last Dance’ specials to ‘Pizza and Parm’: The year in dining innovations from Cornerstone Restaurant Group (Episode 524)

What keeps Cornerstone Restaurant Group COO Danny McGowan hopeful for the service industry? What types of innovation and creativity kept restaurants moving forward this year? What can independent restaurant owners do and think about, heading into 2021? Danny’s one of…

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New slasher flick ‘GetAWAY’ brings old school horror to VOD: Writer/Director Blayne Weaver & Actress Emma Norville (Episode 523)

Get ready for a fun new slasher flick to distract you from wrapping presents and waiting out the vaccine. “GetAWAY” has an old school horror vibe, but with distinctly modern twists. The film comes out 12/23 on VOD and DVD,…

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Shoes next: The history of ‘signature shoes’ with author Ryan Trembath (Episode 522)

As I type this, my feet are resting comfortably in a pair of Jack Purcells. The history of “signature shoes” goes way back, and to walk us through that history is Ryan Trembath, author of “Signature Shoes: The Athletes Who…

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Chicago dining in 2020: Fooditor’s Mike Gebert (Episode 521)

2020 wasn’t the year any restaurant owner would have chosen for their business. Fooditor’s Mike Gebert makes his annual Car Con Carne visit to recap the past year in Chicago dining and to chat about his recently-published “Fooditor 33: Chicago’s…

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Rock star brings music and light to war-ravaged countries: Lanny Cordola (Episode 520)

After many years making music for national-level bands like The House of Lords, Giuffria and Jesse and the Rippers (Full House), Lanny Cordola now devotes his days to teaching the guitar to kids in war-torn countries. Lanny joins me tonight…

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Wine, Andersonville and community: A visit with Lindsey Anderson-Perez of Uvae (Episode 519)

Christmas is 10 days away. Log off Amazon and shop local! Uvae Kitchen and Wine Bar is hosting a holiday pop-up retail market that features premade gift baskets as well as DIY “gift baskets” you can create with products from…

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AWOLNATION/Distillers tour manager launches skateboard company (Episode 518)

Finless Skateboard Co. is in the home stretch of its Kickstarter campaign to produce eco-friendly decks with vintage feels and a modern twist. Dan McKay is a tour manager for bands like Cypress Hill and the Distillers. When the pandemic…

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Baseball and rock come together in ‘Baseball Furies’ documentary (Episode 517)

The Venn diagram of baseball and rock has a lot more intersections than you may realize. Joining me tonight is Jason Dummeldinger, director of the forthcoming documentary “Baseball Furies,” a movie that explores the relationship between America’s pastime and rock.