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Halloween time is Giallo time in Chicago: Cinephile Stephanie Sack (Episode 894)

Cinephile/Giallo expert Stephanie Sack returns to Car Con Carne to talk about some Giallo events happening in Chicago during this Halloween season. The centerpiece of that list is a special appearance by “Suspiria” actress Barbara Magnolfi at Chicago’s horror-themed cafe,…

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‘We don’t just sell rubber Halloween masks. We sell characters’ – Zagone Studios (Episode 893)

Every year, Halloween fans scramble to find the perfect masks and costumes to represent themselves through Spooky Season. For decades, a local mask maker has been there for them. Zagone Studios in Melrose Park has been making handmade (!) masks…

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A visit with Tim Virgin to favorite haunt HellsGate (Episode 892)

Let me just get this out of the way: The annual opening of HellsGate is one of my most anticipated events of the year. The immersive, engaging haunt is world class, and I leave there smiling and giddy every year….

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Horror House scares up business in Avondale (Episode 891)

The Horror House (2911 W. Belmont) has been open for just over a year, and has quickly established itself as an essential part of Chicago’s pop culture landscape. As Halloween approaches, I sat down with Horror House co-owner Vinny Malave…

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Halloween season is ‘go time’ for monster band The Ooozin’ Ahhhs (Episode 890)

I’m joined by members of monster band the Ooozin’ Ahhhs for this Halloween/Candy Corn Carne episode. Maximilian, Mx. Supreme, Boris and Icfos packed their scary selves into my car to talk about their origins in Romania, the rich history of…

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H.O.O.F. celebrates the ‘women, femmes, and thems of the Chicago punk scene’ (Episode 889)

The first-ever H.O.O.F. (Hands Off Our Fest) happens on Saturday, September 30 at Blue Island Beer Company (13357 Olde Western Avenue, Blue Island). Appearing on the bill are: Sweetie Hayley and the Crushers Won’t Stay Dead Heet Death Hi Ho…

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Not young men in a dark parking lot: My chat with Young Man in a Hurry (Episode 888)

Matt Baron of Young Man in a Hurry joins me for hot dogs at U Dawg U in Northfield. We talk about the new album, “Actor Brought a Vice,” and the unorthodox way it was recorded and produced. We also…

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Hotline TNT at Riot Fest (Episode 881)

Sadly, Hotline TNT was one of the bands that got cut on Day Three of Riot Fest due to extreme weather. Happily, Will Anderson was onsite the night before, and I took the occasion to learn more about the band…

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Smoking Popes – The Riot Fest band that wasn’t (Episode 887)

This wasn’t the interview I’d set out to have with Smoking Popes frontman Josh Caterer. Smoking Popes were set to play an early slot on Day Three of Riot Fest; unfortunately the weather had other plans for the band. Flash…

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Snapcase at Riot Fest (Episode 886)

Daryl of Snapcase talks backstage at Riot Fest 2023 about the band’s history, his approach to singing and performing, and whether we can expect more activity from Snapcase. Car Con Carne is presented by Alex Ross Art. Visit Alex Ross…