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Craft beer for mental health: THINGS WE DON’T SAY IPA (Episode 574)

Even more reasons to enjoy a delicious IPA: Hope for the Day Partnerships Director Joel Frieders joins me to talk about Hope for the Day’s “Things We Don’t Say” IPA initiative. Car Con Carne is sponsored by Siren Records McHenry

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Rock star brings music and light to war-ravaged countries: Lanny Cordola (Episode 520)

After many years making music for national-level bands like The House of Lords, Giuffria and Jesse and the Rippers (Full House), Lanny Cordola now devotes his days to teaching the guitar to kids in war-torn countries. Lanny joins me tonight…

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KTs Kids preview with Liar’s Club, Local H and Katie Augustyn (Episode 514)

The virtual telethon for KT’s Kids is happening Sunday! This is the 17th annual Holiday Fundraiser, and Car Con Carne wants it to be a huge success! Joining me tonight are the Liar’s Club team putting it on (Herb Rosen…

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Firefighters helping kids who are fighting serious illness: Kurt DeGroot of Project Firebuddies (Episode 510)

There’s nothing more comforting than seeing people help other people. Project Fire Buddies is a non-profit organization of firefighters bringing joy and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to kids wrestling with serious illness. Kurt DeGroot of Project Fire Buddies joins me tonight to…

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It’s OK not to be OK: Smashing the stigma of talking about suicide w/ Hope for the Day (Episode 498)

It’s OK not to be OK. Hope for the Day makes its fifth pandemic appearance on Car Con Carne, as I’m visited by HFTD Director of Education Mike Vinopal and Director of Public Policy Joel Frieders Car Con Carne is…

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Public domain songs updated for the 21st century: PlaybackPlayfwd (Episode 485)

If you wanna look forward in music, sometimes it’s important to look back. PlaybackPlayfwd is a newly-released comp from students and alumni of Columbia College that presents updated public domain classics for the 21st century. All proceeds go to MusiCares,…

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T1 fest: Punk rock fest goes virtual to fight T1 diabetes (Episode 481)

T1 Fest returns this year to raise awareness in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes, and this year’s event is all online! I’ll be hosting the livestream event Saturday night at 5pm, featuring Lettermans, Hayley and the Crushers, Dan Vapid,…

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‘Bringing comfort & joy to Chicago hospital patients through the power of live music’ -Sharing Notes (Episode 451)

Sharing Notes is “an organization devoted to bringing comfort and joy to Chicago hospital patients through the power of live music.” This Sunday, I’ll be hosting the Sharing Notes Digital Salon concert event to raise funds and awareness for the…

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Walking through an art auction for suicide prevention with I Ya Toyah (Episode 442)

One woman industrial army I Ya Toyah is the creative muse behind the Art Auction For Mental Health During The Times Of The Pandemic With The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention (long name, I know). She joins me tonight to…

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Let’s talk openly and honestly about suicide. Hope for the Day returns to Car Con Carne (Episode 436)

Mike Vinopal, Director of Education, and Joel Frieders, Director of public policy, for Hope for the Day return to Car Con Carne. They’ve been regular guests since the beginning of the pandemic for good reason. The need to talk about…