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Alligator: The Movie! Movie trivia! It’s another week in the life of Internet Celebrity™️ Mike Vanderbilt (Episode 706)

There are the movies you’ve seen and know all about, and then there are the movies Mike Vanderbilt knows about. Mike’s a cinephile, a curator, and an internet celebrity. Follow him on Twitter, for god’s sake. Mike’s curated one of…

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‘Dawn of the Dead’ midnight shows happening this weekend (Episode 703)

“Some kind of instinct. Memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.” The original “Dawn of the Dead” is screening in two midnight shows at Music Box Theatre this weekend. You can’t see…

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‘The Last Days of Capitalism’ takes on social class disparity, white privilege and authenticity (Episode 686)

a The value of truth and money are explored (if not eviscerated) in the engaging, slow-burning new movie “The Last Days of Capitalism.” In a very lean, focused way, the film looks at white privilege, social class disparity, prositution and…

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‘Cupid for Christmas’ aims arrow for Hulu this weekend (Episode 685)

Christmas and Valentine’s Day collide in “Cupid for Christmas,” a family-friendly new rom com movie debuting on Hulu this Saturday. Director Blayne Weaver returns to Car Con Carne to talk about the movie’s creation.

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‘The horrors you’re about to witness cannot be unseen’ – PSYCHO GOREMAN writer/director Steven Kostanski (Episode 572)

Psycho Goreman is available on DVD/Blu Ray on 3/16/21!

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Talking ‘100 Days to Live’ w/ the twisty thriller’s lead actress, Heidi Johanningmeier (Episode 569)

(Image copyright: Nicholas Puetz) Filmed in Chicago, 100 Days to Live is a fast-moving, suspenseful psychological thriller. Heidi Johanningmeier (Dr. Rebecca Church in the movie) joins me to talk about the film’s suicide themes, overall twistiness and the making of…

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New slasher flick ‘GetAWAY’ brings old school horror to VOD: Writer/Director Blayne Weaver & Actress Emma Norville (Episode 523)

Get ready for a fun new slasher flick to distract you from wrapping presents and waiting out the vaccine. “GetAWAY” has an old school horror vibe, but with distinctly modern twists. The film comes out 12/23 on VOD and DVD,…

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Storm King Comics, John Carpenter movies and the entertainment business: Sandy King Carpenter (Episode 509)

Sandy King Carpenter has arrived on Car Con Carne to chew bubblegum and kick ass.  Movie producer. Writer. Publisher. Director. Entrepreneur … Carpenter’s work is all over legendary movies like “They Live,” “Village of the Damned” and “Starman.” Along with…

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“I love you, and you’ll learn to love me, too” – The Honeymoon Phase (Episode 467)

October is the month when it’s imperative to watch every horror movie possible. Start today by checking out the newly-released film “The Honeymoon Phase,” a thriller that offers an unsettling look into the nature of relationships. “Honeymoon Phase” director Phillip…

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You Weren’t There: Chicago punk in the 80s with filmmakers Joe Losurdo & Christina Tillman (Episode 440)

As the east and west coast punk scenes were gathering press and attention between 77-84, the Chicago scene went largely unnoticed. The documentary film, “You Weren’t There: A History of Chicago Punk, 1977–1984,” tells the story of that era in…