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Corn dogs and Cheap Grills: Sincere Engineer (Episode 873)

Deanna Belos of Sincere Engineer returns to Car Con Carne at an exciting time: The band just played Lollapalooza, and the new album (“Cheap Grills”) is set to arrive on September 22. Deanna and I caught up over corn dogs…

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The Evictions chat about vinyl release, eat hot dogs (Episode 862)

Days before the Evictions release their long-awaited self-titled vinyl album, Johnny Wator and Chris Polish join me for hot dogs and conversation about the album. We also talk about the band’s history, ZZ Top, shocking things we’ve seen in Chicago,…

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Comedian Mike Stricker eats hot dogs, says funny things (Episode 812)

Comedian Mike Stricker joins me for hot dogs from Gene & Jude’s in this episode. He’s a very funny guy, and we talked about: *How I totally forgot we’d already met, and feel really dumb about it. *Gene & Jude’s…

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The Wiener’s Circle

We had a great time recording at the Wiener’s Circle! Check out some of the highlights in this short video! ?: @freakarama @zspangphoto

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Local H at Wiener’s Circle (Episode 714)

Local H is the one band the entire city of Chicago can agree on. I was excited to welcome the return of Scott Lucas, as we broke in the new “VIP” facilities at The Wiener’s Circle (2622 N. Clark St.)….

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Cobra Lounge welcomes a return to normalcy (Episode 623)

It’s time to light the masks on fire, have a cold beer, listen to loud music, eat kickass food and re-embrace the concept of what ‘Saturday night’ can be. Cobra Lounge (235 N. Ashland) owner Louie Mendicino returns to the…

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Vicious Kicks, hot sausage and a songwriting triumph for David Singer (Episode 622)

An early favorite for my 2021 “best of” list is David Singer & the Sweet Science’s new album, “Vicious Kicks.” After years of exemplary songwriting, David has outdone himself with this new release. David and I met at Roma’s on…

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Letdown joins us for hot dogs as we RETURN TO THE CAR! (Episode 614)

Letdown is the next band to break big out of Chicago. Half a million TikTok users can’t be wrong… Blake Coddington of Letdown returns to Car Con Carne just as the podcast makes its return to recording in the car!…

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Hot Doug talks about life after Hot Doug’s (Episode 495)

Legendary Chicago restaurateur and sausage man Hot Doug returns to the show to talk about the future of his meat, life after Hot Doug’s, his new-ish podcast, Taylor Swift and the pandemic’s impact on independent restaurant owners. “There are no…

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Episode 300! Rockford band Yes Factory debuts two new songs live!

Live in-car performance! Superdawg hot dogs!