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(LIVE PERFORMANCE/INTERVIEW) Robin Taylor Zander goes ‘The Distance’ (Episode 910)

Robin Taylor Zander (Cheap Trick) joins me for this episode to talk about his debut album, “The Distance.” The album’s a welcome and familiar mix of sounds. As Zander says on the album’s back cover: “You may hear something that…

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Black Dog Vinyl Cafe with musician Jason Benefield (Episode 872)

Car Con Carne visits Plainfield, IL for a visit to Black Dog Vinyl Cafe (16108 South Rt 59, Plainfield, IL 60586). The cafe/live music venue/record store/bar is a focal point for the SW suburban music community, and my trip there…

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Nathan Graham previews debut album, ‘Saint of Second Chances’ (Episode 867)

I love Nathan Graham. The singer/songwriter returns to Car Con Carne for his 6th appearance, as he prepares to release his debut album, “Saint of Second Chances.” We talk a lot about the album’s first single, which Nathan performed live…

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Colleen Wild at Sovereign in Plainfield (Episode 849)

Car Con Carne visits Plainfield for a visit to Sovereign (24216 W Lockport St, Ste B), along with singer/songwriter Colleen Wild. Sovereign owner Raf Gomez jumps in the backseat to preview some of Sovereign’s new menu, including their apple chicken…

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Take the Reins release extended ‘Last Chance Motel’ video, perform song ‘live’ (Episode 836)

This episode was recorded inside Take the Reins’ practice space. They even prepared food for the recording, which will forever be known as “Crockpot Con Carne.” The band performed a first-ever acoustic version of “Last Chance Motel” on the episode,…

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Live performance/interview: TAR at Smashed Plastic (Episode 767)

John Mohr of the legendary Chicago indie band TAR jumps in the car for a special episode recorded on the loading dock of Smashed Plastic. After our chat, he grabbed his guitar and was joined by guitarist John Symanski for…

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Tiffany brings sunlight and joy while promoting ‘Shadows’ (Episode 624)

I think we’re online now…

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‘Real World’ alum Andre Comeau delivers rocking new EP, live performance (Episode 402)

Andre Comeau just put out a rocking new EP called “Wrong Within” that’s sleazy, bluesy and full of attitude. Gen Xers may recognize him instantly from the very first season of MTV’s “Real World,” when he was living in Soho…

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August Hotel plays at-home version of new song ‘S.T.A.R.’ (Episode 392)

August Hotel returns to Car Con Carne for a chat and performance of their new song, “S.T.A.R.” Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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Live performance and conversation with Chicago artist Nathan Graham (Episode 391)

Chicago’s Nathan Graham has been impressing music fans in Chicago for years. Since his first appearance on Car Con Carne, he’s appeared on “The Voice” and gone solo. It was great to catch up with him for #quarantineconcarne. Stick around…