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Til Morning: More than just ‘Okay’ (Episode 343)

Chicago band Til Morning joins me for #QuarantineConCarne, just days after releasing their must-hear new song “Okay.” We talk about the new song and its video, the band’s songs, live shows and sleeping habits. I also throw in more than…

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Chicago singer/songwriter David Singer brings his sweet science to Quarantine Con Carne (Episode 338)

Live performance alert! David Singer performs his new single (48/49) “live” at the end of the episode! David Singer is a musician, singer/songwriter, stage composer, filmmaker, storyteller and mensch. These days, he’s 100% back into making music with David Singer…

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Chicago band Baby Cuts eats pizza, debuts new song live (Episode 331)

Baby Cuts chats about the band and plays a new song (C’est Bon) live in their communal living room!

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Avantist guitarist unveils new solo project while sheltering-at-home (Episode 324)

David Arias, guitarist for Chicago post-rockers Avantist, joins me from his sheltering-at-home evening to do a live performance of his new solo project, Troigo (“Salud”). It’s super cool, and… bonus! We get to meet his cat, Parsley. Car Con Carne…

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‘I ended up in Fort Wayne, dude’: The Letdown story (Episode 323)

Meet Blake and Billy from letdown., a band with hooks and riffs to spare.

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Getting shamrocked outside Dante’s Tavern: Live music from The Avondale Ramblers (Episode 312)

Irish-flavored songs performed live in a tiny Mazda 3!

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Episode 300! Rockford band Yes Factory debuts two new songs live!

Live in-car performance! Superdawg hot dogs!

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A live performance before heading to prison: Zombie Schoolboy at the Old Joliet Prison (Episode 282)

Craig and Billy of Zombie Schoolboy joined me outside the gates of the Old Joliet Prison for a podcast in the “bad” part of Joliet. They played an acoustic version of “Hey California” in the car before we drove around…

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Greetings from the ‘swingers capital of the midwest’: Hear the Darling Suns play live! (Episode 247)

Chicago indie band the Darling Suns (Robert, Lindsey, John and Charlie) joined the show this week for for a live performance of their fantastic song “Raspberry Homecoming” (from “Midnight Feelings”) and hot dogs from Johnny’s Red Hot Hots in Naperville….

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Chicago music/songwriting legend Jim Peterik performs outside Revolution Brewpub (Episode 242)

Music legend Jim Peterik (Ides of March, Survivor, countless songwriting credits throughout the past 50 years) joins me for a fantastic meal provided by Revolution Brewpub (2323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647). When I realized the iconic Jim Peterik…