Chicago singer/songwriter David Singer brings his sweet science to Quarantine Con Carne (Episode 338)

Live performance alert! David Singer performs his new single (48/49) “live” at the end of the episode! David Singer is a musician, singer/songwriter, stage composer, filmmaker, storyteller and mensch. These days, he’s 100% back into making music with David Singer and the Sweet Science, which is great news (it’s been a little while since we last heard from him). He has a lot of catalog to catch up on in the meantime, if you’re interested: He’s released albums as both David Singer *and* David Singer and the Sweet Science. And if you really want to learn more about David’s music after diving in to all those releases, seek out his work in the 90s Chicago band Kid Million.

Discussed on this episode:

  • David’s history as a musician through the forthcoming David Singer and the Sweet Science album, “Vicious Kicks.”
  • David’s work in movies, including the recent and well-received “Imperfections.”
  • Our shared history together.
  • The notion of being creative while in quarantine.


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