Episode 300! Rockford band Yes Factory debuts two new songs live!

This week, I’m joined by 4 members of Rockford band Yes Factory (Ian Zander, Brennan Reiter, Hannah Hovland and Kelen Price-Snowden). Before we ate delicious hot dogs at the legendary Superdawg, the band played two new songs in the car (“You Never Finish What You Start,” “Someone I Love”).

Discussed on the show:

  • The origin of Yes Factory.
  • The fact that Chicagoans and Rockfordians rarely go to each other’s cities.
  • Kelen enjoyed the equivalent of sitting coach in Delta.
  • Kelen impressed us with his fancy box.
  • Brennan and Hannah had a “voice off” in the backseat.
  • Ian finds inspiration in bar restrooms.
  • Chloroform: A love story.
  • Hannah gave me a seismic shift in my lumbar area.
  • The creators of Superdawg shockingly looked like anthropomorphic hot dogs.
  • Sport peppers on a hot dog are “how it’s supposed to be.”
  • Car Con Carne is like an ASMR video on YouTube.
  • Hannah finds listening to people chew repulsive. She picked the right podcast!
  • Finding compatible music partners is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • We talk about the recently-released Yes Factory EP.
  • The legendary Chicago pizza chain is NOT “Illuminatis.”
  • Pizza Masons are not a real thing.
  • After the half hour mark, we acknowledge that one of the members of Yes Factory is the son of Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander. Spoiler warning: It’s not who you think!

Author: carconcarne