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Chicago comedian Calvin Evans headlines Zanies for NYE (Episode 527)

Zanies is ringing in the new year with a live streaming event of Chicago comedians, hosted by the very-funny Calvin Evans. Calvin’s my guest tonight, as we try to burn 2020 from our minds.

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Mostly-safe to Google: The very funny Handsome Naked (Episode 508)

The very funny, award-winning comedy hip-hop group Handsome Naked joins me to talk about their new felt puppet-centric video “Comfort Food” and their history in the world of comedy hip-hop. Car Con Carne is presented by Siren Records McHenry.

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Comedy is medicinal: The standup comedy of Dr. Bill Miller (Episode 476)

Dr. Bill Miller is, in fact, a real doctor. He’s also a killer stand-up comic who’s headlining Zanies in Chicago Friday-Sunday night. Mask up and tune in to Episode 476. The doctor’s in the house. Car Con Carne is sponsored…

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Turning telemarketing calls into comedy gold: Jason Batchko (Episode 457)

Telemarketers suck. In the 90s, Jason Batchko had fun with them by essentially reverse-prank-calling them. He recorded the calls and released them as a comedy album collection, “I’m So Happy You Called!” Pravda Records just did a full rerelease (on…

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Comedian Hari Rao talks about comedy during COVID-19 (Episode 418)

Chicago comic Hari Rao joins me from his bunker to talk about making his way through the comedy scene here and how he’s been killing time during the pandemic. We also touch on his wonderful band, I Fight Dragons, during…

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From the streets of Harvey to the stratosphere with Frank Sinatra: Legendary comedian Tom Dreesen (Episode 398)

Tonight’s episode was like an entertainment history lesson. Comedian Tom Dreesen talked about his career, his Illinois roots, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tim Reid and (naturally) Frank Sinatra. To get more insight (and stories) from Tom Dreesen, check…

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‘Two shady looking-fellas; must be comics’ – Team Us Comedy’s Vik and Tyler eat tacos (Episode 144)

Comedians/improvisers/funny dudes Vik Pandya and Tyler Fowler of the Team Us Comedy join me for tacos at Alba’s Restaurant (1825 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622). During this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we talk about: Criteria for a good taco: “All…

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‘Everybody’s butt puckers up on everything’ – Stand-up comedy talk with comedian Mike Maxwell (Episode 137)

This week, I happily open the passenger door to comedian Mike Maxwell. We meet at Los 2 Amigos 2216 W Algonquin Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL, which is right next door to a Boost Mobile location. I love Boost. So much so,…

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The man who eats like a 12-year-old boy: Comedian/radio star Kevin Kellam at Seafood City (Episode 118)

This week, it’s a trip to Seafood City Supermarket (5033 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630) with my colleague/stand-up comedian Kevin Kellam (101 WKQX). Before we started the podcast, we did a walking tour of the sorts of things…

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Guest-a-palooza at the Taste of Chicago -or- ‘My life is a week-long burgerfest’ (Episode 71)

Car Con Carne kicked off the live events in the Taste of Chicago’s “Food for Thought” podcast pavilion this year, and a bunch of guests were there to make sure it was a ridiculously fun time. The first half of…