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The personal side of record collecting explored in ‘Vinyl Nation’ (Episode 816)

For the second year in a row, vinyl records outsold CDs in the U.S. I’m at a point where I have a turntable. My son has a turntable. My daughter has a turntable. The appeal… the draw… of vinyl records…

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Last days of guitar paradise Songbirds Museum told in new documentary (Episode 761)

Songbirds, a museum that housed the most rare and wonderful examples of the guitar, opened a few years ago, only to be brought to a swift end by COVID. Documentary filmmaker Dagan W. Beckett chronicles the sad end of the…

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‘Paranormal Activity’ documentarian and ‘Hell House LLC’ producer Joe Bandelli talks found footage (Episode 681)

The first Paranormal Activity made $193.4 million dollars on a $15,000 budget. The franchise is covered in deep, satisfying detail in the new documentary, “Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension,” directed by Joe Bandelli. Joe joined me tonight to talk about his…

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Baseball and rock come together in ‘Baseball Furies’ documentary (Episode 517)

The Venn diagram of baseball and rock has a lot more intersections than you may realize. Joining me tonight is Jason Dummeldinger, director of the forthcoming documentary “Baseball Furies,” a movie that explores the relationship between America’s pastime and rock.