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Unearthing sports-related music treasures with Rick Gieser (Episode 585)

Rick Gieser has the largest collection of sports-related songs anywhere, and he joins Car Con Carne tonight with tons of obscure and fascinating releases that you likely weren’t aware even existed! This is a fun one for record collectors, music…

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Baseball and rock come together in ‘Baseball Furies’ documentary (Episode 517)

The Venn diagram of baseball and rock has a lot more intersections than you may realize. Joining me tonight is Jason Dummeldinger, director of the forthcoming documentary “Baseball Furies,” a movie that explores the relationship between America’s pastime and rock.

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Skateboarding royalty Manny Santiago previews The Downtown Open SKATE Championship (Episode 469)

One of the best skateboarders anywhere, Manny Santiago, joins me tonight! He’s here in advance of competing tomorrow night in the Downtown Open SKATE Championship (which will be streamed live 5-7p).  No face plants… only face time. Car Con Carne…

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From the Blackhawks to the whiskey barrel: Hockey hall-of-famer/distiller Ed Belfour (Episode 362)

He’s one of hockey’s all time best goaltenders…a hall of famer, an Olympic gold medalist and Stanley Cup winner. He’s also a world-class distiller of some of the best whiskey and rye you’ll ever have. Legend Ed Belfour is my…

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‘It’s like the kindest prison yard you’ve ever been to’: AAW wrestling with Dr. Keith Lipinski (Episode 92)

In advance of the AAW Wrestling “Unstoppable” event (December 30 at 115 Bourbon Street: 3359 W 115th St, Merrionette Park, IL), AAW Producer Keith Lipinski jumps in the car to talk wrestling. DOWNLOAD Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher We…