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Smashed Plastic celebrates 5th anniversary of pressing vinyl in Chicago (Episode 924)

Car Con Carne is officially part of the Q101 Podcast Network! I make the announcement during the first few minutes of the show; but to reiterate, it’s nice to be home. I’m joined for this episode by Andy Weber and…

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The personal side of record collecting explored in ‘Vinyl Nation’ (Episode 816)

For the second year in a row, vinyl records outsold CDs in the U.S. I’m at a point where I have a turntable. My son has a turntable. My daughter has a turntable. The appeal… the draw… of vinyl records…

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Event preview: Smashed Plastic Live Vol. 1 (Episode 780)

Smashed Plastic provides an essential service to the fans and interviewees of Car Con Carne, as the only record pressing facility in the state of Illinois. Smashed Plastic has put together a massive live music/record show event on October 1:…

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BLOG – What can $10 buy at a record store? (Vintage Vinyl – Evanston, IL)

I’m conducting an experiment: Is it possible to walk into a record store with $10 and walk out happy? I explained the concept here. After leaving Squeezebox in Evanston, I headed north for a mile and a half to visit…

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BLOG – What can $10 buy at a record store? (Squeezebox – Evanston, IL)

Record collecting isn’t a cheap habit to feed. I’m well aware that I’ve spent a fair amount of money on vinyl over the past few years. That ongoing expense got me thinking: is it possible to walk into a record…

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Record Store Day live from Siren Records (Episode 620)

Record Store Day, 6/12/21: I recorded this one from the front of Siren Records in McHenry, just as the doors opened at 8 a.m. I talked with owner Bill Linquist about the state of record store retail, the pros and…

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Record-making and taco-eating in Chicago: Smashed Plastic (Episode 217)

Chicago has its own record-pressing plant… and it’s awesome!