Record-making and taco-eating in Chicago: Smashed Plastic (Episode 217)

Chicago finally has its own record pressing plant, Smashed Plastic! This is the right idea at the right time for the Chicago music scene, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with what they’ve already managed to do with their business. Check out the video tour here:

Andy, John and Steve from Smashed Plastic join me for grocery store tacos as we discuss:

  • Starting a record-pressing business: How to find the right machinery and approach.
  • The joy of running this kind of business.
  • Everyone wants to hug the Smashed Plastic owners.
  • Pressing vinyl: The “high cost” perception vs. the reasonable reality.
  • How long is the process from idea to pressed records?
  • What makes records so damn appealing?
  • Would Smashed Plastic ever branch out to other states? Spoiler warning: NOPE.
  • There are local music events just waiting to happen at the Smashed Plastic space

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