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Horror House scares up business in Avondale (Episode 891)

The Horror House (2911 W. Belmont) has been open for just over a year, and has quickly established itself as an essential part of Chicago’s pop culture landscape. As Halloween approaches, I sat down with Horror House co-owner Vinny Malave…

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Horror storefront ‘The Horror House’ readies for Avondale launch (Episode 711)

Horror crawls its way into the Avondale neighborhood this Spring with the arrival of the HORROR HOUSE. It’s a new horror storefront that speaks to me in every possible way, and you can help make its launch even better. The…

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‘Paranormal Activity’ documentarian and ‘Hell House LLC’ producer Joe Bandelli talks found footage (Episode 681)

The first Paranormal Activity made $193.4 million dollars on a $15,000 budget. The franchise is covered in deep, satisfying detail in the new documentary, “Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension,” directed by Joe Bandelli. Joe joined me tonight to talk about his…

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Nightmare fuel and a cool song with a violin: The joy of DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT (Episode 604)

Their videos are nightmare fuel. Their music is heavy and haunting. Their name is vegan-enraging. Join me for a special Sunday night recording with the dark force known as DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT.

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‘The horrors you’re about to witness cannot be unseen’ – PSYCHO GOREMAN writer/director Steven Kostanski (Episode 572)

Psycho Goreman is available on DVD/Blu Ray on 3/16/21!

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New slasher flick ‘GetAWAY’ brings old school horror to VOD: Writer/Director Blayne Weaver & Actress Emma Norville (Episode 523)

Get ready for a fun new slasher flick to distract you from wrapping presents and waiting out the vaccine. “GetAWAY” has an old school horror vibe, but with distinctly modern twists. The film comes out 12/23 on VOD and DVD,…

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‘There’s nothing more emotionally honest’ than horror: Author Peter Counter (Episode 482)

“The best horror stories don’t take us into the truly unknown. Instead, they show us the limits of sensory experience, making us aware of the border between humanity and naught so we can better appreciate our toil, anguish, and frailty.”…

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It’s a haunted house in an abandoned casket factory: Evil Intentions (Episode 458)

Evil Intentions Haunted House is opening soon, with all sorts of safety restrictions in place. I talked with Haunt Lead Tim Stedman tonight about Evil Intentions, its certifiably creepy location in Elgin, and the comprehensive horror score he created for…

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Behind the new horror film ‘1BR’: David Marmour, Alok MIshra and Naomi Grossman (Episode 415)

I absolutely loved “1BR,” a new horror movie written/directed by David Marmor (on VOD now). Joining me for a chat about the movie are David Marmor, producer Alok Mishra and actress Naomi Grossman (who you might also know as Pepper…