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‘COLD WAVES’ festival moves online: Organizers Jason and Kelly Britton Novak (Episode 449)

COLD WAVES returns next weekend for the “Lost Weekend” virtual event.  Event organizers Jason Novak and Kelly Britton Novak join me for a preview and to talk about the history…

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Walking through an art auction for suicide prevention with I Ya Toyah (Episode 442)

One woman industrial army I Ya Toyah is the creative muse behind the Art Auction For Mental Health During The Times Of The Pandemic With The American Foundation For Suicide…

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GET THE *%$? INTO THIS INTERVIEW! Martin Atkins (Pigface, PiL, Killing Joke, etc.) – Episode 438

Martin Atkins, post punk/industrial hero, educator and author, is back on Car Con Carne. His music list of credentials is stunning: Pigface. Public Image, Ltd. Killing Joke. Ministry, the Damage…

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Two bass guitarists. One undeniable post-punk, industrial-flavored sound: Bellhead (Episode 431)

Two musicians. Two bass guitars. That’s Bellhead. And it works… really well. The new EP from Bellhead, “Unicorn Bones” is a post-punk, industrial-flavored delight. Ivan and Karen join me tonight…

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Chemlab’s Jared Louche checks in from London (Episode 336)

Jared Louche of Chemlab is one of Car Con Carne’s favorite guests. We talked for a while about a great many things, including: Ultraterrestrials Dogtablet Chemlab Reading, books, etc. Chicago…

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One-woman industrial army I Ya Toyah at Gale Street Inn (Episode 306)

Ania, the woman behind Chicago industrial project I Ya Toyah, joins me for food at the iconic Northwest Chicago restaurant Gale Street Inn (4914 N. Milwaukee Avenue). We did Gale…

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Haex at Cold Waves VIII (Episode 269)

Meet the incredible L.A. duo Haex!

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Hey Man, Nice Podcast: Richard Patrick of FILTER (Episode 268)

FIlter frontman visits Car Con Carne for an honest and unforgettable interview

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Industrial legend Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Lard, etc.) talks at Cold Waves VIII (Episode 267)

Paul Barker = the man.

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Preaching to the perverted: Pop Will Eat Itself at Cold Waves (Episode 266)

Pop Will Eat Itself on Car Con Carne: Can U Dig It?