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Estonian band Evestus gets dark and heavy with ‘Post Hate Teen Depression’ (Episode 944)

Ott Evestus of Estonian industrial band Evestus joins me for a virtual chat from across the globe to talk about the new album (“Post Hate Teen Depression), industrial influences, coming out of a coma (!) and the looming specter of…

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Industrial musicians come together for ‘Thrashnetic’ mental health benefit (Episode 935)

For this episode, I’m joined by Jim Marcus (Die Warzau, Go Fight), Karen Righeimer (Bellhead) and David Schock (concert promoter). All of them are involved with “Thrashnetic – The Josh Russo Memorial Benefit for Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention,”…

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Derision Cult – ‘Deaf Blood’ (Snack – 2/23/23)

Car Con Carne Snack – 2/23/23 Derision Cult “Deaf Blood” Support the band at

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Nightmare fuel and a cool song with a violin: The joy of DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT (Episode 604)

Their videos are nightmare fuel. Their music is heavy and haunting. Their name is vegan-enraging. Join me for a special Sunday night recording with the dark force known as DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT.

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This is what hopelessness and despair sound like… and it’s awesome. Meet 5RVLN5 (Episode 538)

If you’re looking for spirit-lifting, celebratory music, I might suggest listening to another podcast tonight. 5RVLN5 creates dark, hopeless industrial sounds that feel like the “regret” side of a days-long bender. Chuck Clybourne of 5RVLN5 is here to welcome us…

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From KFMDM to “PAIN IS GOD”: Raymond Watts of PIG (Episode 505)

“I love the smell of rock and roll burning holes inside my soul” He is our libertine Lord of Lard… Raymond Watts of checks in from overseas, just as his newly-released “PAIN IS GOD” album has taken over all my…

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‘Graveyard Sex’ takes the prolific Chris Connelly down a deeply personal road (Episode 496)

Chris Connelly is one of the most prolific artists of our time. Beyond his early work in the 90s with Ministry and Revolting Cocks, his solo discography now stretches well beyond 20 releases. His new album, the Goth AF-named “Graveyard…

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Martin Atkins (PiL, Pigface, Killing Joke) spearheads ‘scratch and sniff’ music conference (Episode 490)

Musician Martin Atkins (Pigface, PiL, Killing Joke) is also an accomplished educator. This weekend, he’ll be leading the Midwest Music Expo… with a twist. It’s the world’s first “Scratch and Sniff conference,” which made me curious enough to have him…

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‘COLD WAVES’ festival moves online: Organizers Jason and Kelly Britton Novak (Episode 449)

COLD WAVES returns next weekend for the “Lost Weekend” virtual event.  Event organizers Jason Novak and Kelly Britton Novak join me for a preview and to talk about the history of COLD WAVES. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H…

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Walking through an art auction for suicide prevention with I Ya Toyah (Episode 442)

One woman industrial army I Ya Toyah is the creative muse behind the Art Auction For Mental Health During The Times Of The Pandemic With The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention (long name, I know). She joins me tonight to…