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Homegrown Festival hits milestone 10th anniversary (Episode 754)

10 years is a long time. When it comes to music festivals, it’s a really big deal. The 10th Annual Homegrown Festival is happening on July 30th at BaseCamp in Lisle (5750 Lakeside Drive). 20 bands and 12 acoustic artists…

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PravdaFest is coming! (Episode 730)

PravdaFest celebrates the 38th anniversary of Chicago-based Pravda Records on June 24 & June 25. Sketchbook in Skokie is playing host to epic Pravda reunions and performances, including: FRIDAY 6/24 Boom Hank Hushdrops Steve Dawson Josh Caterer SATURDAY 6/25 Handcuffs…

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Ravinia announces 2022 season (Episode 717)

Ravinia is back! Chief Brand, Marketing and Communications Officer Blake Smith joins me to talk about the just-announced 2022 schedule. As we run down some (but not nearly all) of the highlights, we’re joined by Ravinia’s Chef Sam. We sampled…

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‘COLD WAVES’ festival moves online: Organizers Jason and Kelly Britton Novak (Episode 449)

COLD WAVES returns next weekend for the “Lost Weekend” virtual event.  Event organizers Jason Novak and Kelly Britton Novak join me for a preview and to talk about the history of COLD WAVES. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H…

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Video – The Reaganomics at T1 Fest

I talked trickle down theory and supply side economics with the Reaganomics. JK, we talked about punk rock and scary movies.

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Video – Smoking Popes at T1 Fest

I caught up with Josh Caterer of Smoking Popes shortly after the band closed down T1 Fest at the Forge in Joliet. We talked a lot about the Popes’ music, the live show and when mispronouncing names is an issue….

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Video – Dan Vapid and the Cheats

Dan Vapid’s punk rock resume is massive (Screeching Weasel, Methadones, Riverdales, Sludgeworth, Queers, etc.). He jumped in the car with his band, the Cheats, to talk about how the Cheats came into being, the end of Screeching Weasel, and more.

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Video – The return of 88 Fingers Louie

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VIDEO – Fighting Type 1 diabetes with punk rock

Joe and Jimmy from Capgun Heroes opened Day Two of T1 Fest, and also happen to be the brains behind the festival. They explain the very personal reason for launching the event, and what we can do to help.

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Ribfest Chicago preview at BBQ King with guest Eric Kristensen of 101 WKQX (Episode 231)

We wore our fat pants for the recording. No regrets.