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Pinhead Gunpowder’s entire catalog reissued (Episode 723)

Green Day fans have been aware of Pinhead Gunpowder from the beginning, but the band still feels like one of punk rock’s best-kept secrets. The band (Billie Joe Armstrong, Jason White, Aaron Cometbus and Bill Schneider) is seeing all of…

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No headline necessary: NAKED RAYGUN (Episode 699)

The members of legendary Chicago band NAKED RAYGUN join the show to talk about their new release, “Over the Overlords,” their history, and why Styx, Cheap Trick and Rise Against should fear them. Appearing on this episode: Jeff Pezzati, Eric…

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Dan Vapid and the Cheats are back with ‘Escape Velocity’ (Episode 680)

Dan Vapid and the Cheats return with a new album, “Escape Velocity,” on Friday. Considering Vapid’s career has included runs in the Methadones, Screeching Weasel and Riverdales, it may seem audacious to say that he’s delivered one of his best…

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500 Miles to Memphis go DIY and release best album (Episode 675)

500 Miles to Memphis just released their career best album, “Hard to Love,” and Ryan Malott joins me to talk about it. We cover a lot of topics: The new album, politics, the music business, the scourge of social media,…

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The punk rock past and dark fairy tale future of Camille Rose Garcia (Episode 667)

Camille Rose Garcia is a painter, illustrator and musician. In the 90s, she spent her time in the band The Real Minx, whose music has recently been collected in a gorgeous 2-disc 7” package, on Sympathy for the Record Industry….

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Last call for adderall! Cap Gun Heroes are back! (Episode 665)

Ramonescore lives in the songs and attitude of suburban Chicago band Cap Gun Heroes. The band returns to Car Con Carne to talk about their new album, “Last Call for Adderall,” which releases on Friday 9/24.

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Airstream Futures at Riot Fest 2021 (Episode 662)

Devon Carson (vocals) and Jeff Dean (guitar) of Airstream Futures catch up with Car Con Carne after kicking off the Rebel Stage earlier in the day on Day Four of Riot Fest 2021.

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My back is broken! I’m interviewing Bollweevils again! RIOT FEST 2021 (Episode 655)

The Bollweevils kicked off my Riot Fest weekend with a fun backstage interview. We talked about their new music on Red Scare, Pete’s Hollywood good looks, the pleasures of gin and Dr. Doom teaming up with Sub-Mariner. #RiotFest2021 MY BACK…

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The Joy Thieves: Defying expectations on ‘American Parasite’ (Episode 650)

A loose collective of musicians delivered one of the year’s tightest sets of music. The Joy Thieves recently put out their first full-length (“American Parasite”), and gave us the cathartic, drive fast, live-without-consequences, kind of music that the end of…

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Blind Adam and the Federal League release new album on Anti-Flag’s A-F Records (Episode 646)

Anti-Flag is one of America’s most tireless activist voices in music, and they have a kindred spirit in Chicago’s Blind Adam and the Federal League. Blind Adam and the Federal League return with their new album, An Act of Desperation,…