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Celebrating 30 years of Pegboy (Episode 478)

30 years of Pegboy demand a celebration! The band performs in a drive-in show tomorrow night in Bridgeview (get tickets at, and are chatting with me (and special guest…

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Dead Bars release fantastic live album with zero edits: John Maiello (Episode 475)

Seattle band Dead Bars puts big melodies into short, fast packages that make us want to drink beer. This is well done, blue collar punk rock. Now that the band’s…

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Punk attitude from the star chamber: Mystery Actions (Episode 472)

Punk rock lives on Car Con Carne: The ladies of Mystery Actions return to Car Con Carne for their first visit since 2016. Lots has been happening since then, and…

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YIKES! Enjoy an ice cold ‘diet punk’ with Guardrail (Episode 453)

When you want punk rock, but without all the empty calories, choose diet punk! Self-proclaimed “diet punk band” Guardrail joins me in advance of their forthcoming “YIKES” EP. Car Con…

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Shades Apart returns after 19-year hiatus with ‘Eternal Echo’ (Episode 447)

Shades Apart has been missed. The east coast band (“Valentine,” “Tainted Love,” etc.) went dormant for close to two decades, before reemerging last week with a superior new album (“Eternal…

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You Weren’t There: Chicago punk in the 80s with filmmakers Joe Losurdo & Christina Tillman (Episode 440)

As the east and west coast punk scenes were gathering press and attention between 77-84, the Chicago scene went largely unnoticed. The documentary film, “You Weren’t There: A History of…

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This is a podcast about a girl: The Mr. T Experience (Episode 434)

Dr. Frank of the long-running and celebrated California pop-punk band The Mr. T Experience joins me today to talk about remastering the band’s catalog, including the new compilation “MTX Forever”…

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Meet Chicago band Kowloon Bay (Episode 429)

Chicago band Kowloon Bay talks about their music, history and their ill-advised “Only Fans” concepts. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services

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‘Bombs Away’ with Chicago ‘party punks’ the Run Around (Episode 426)

The members of the Run Around came on Car Con Carne tonight to talk about their new EP (“Bombs Away”), their history, making the “Bombs Away” video in an armory,…

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Guest Host Herb Rosen (Liar’s Club) chats with 8 different music guests in one show! (Episode 407)

Liar’s Club owner Herb Rosen guest hosts Car Con Carne tonight, and has lined up a full bench of guests to join him: Scott Lucas / Local H Mike O’Connell…