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The Joy Thieves: Defying expectations on ‘American Parasite’ (Episode 650)

A loose collective of musicians delivered one of the year’s tightest sets of music. The Joy Thieves recently put out their first full-length (“American Parasite”), and gave us the cathartic, drive fast, live-without-consequences, kind of music that the end of…

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Blind Adam and the Federal League release new album on Anti-Flag’s A-F Records (Episode 646)

Anti-Flag is one of America’s most tireless activist voices in music, and they have a kindred spirit in Chicago’s Blind Adam and the Federal League. Blind Adam and the Federal League return with their new album, An Act of Desperation,…

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Band in Austria/Banned in America: DeeCRACKS (Episode 610)

Ramones song structures collide with Motorhead rock swagger, and the result is glorious. Meet Austrian punk heroes DeeCRACKS Sponsored by Siren Records McHenry

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The ‘lost album’ from Chicago’s Urban Idols (Episode 573)

20 years after Urban Idols recorded a “lost” album, it’s been rediscovered and released by Punk Head Records. “Urban Idols: Revisited” is a healthy slice of turn-of-the-century Chicago punk rock, and bassist/vocalist Jason Baygood joins me to talk about it!…

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Lookout! Records history with the Smugglers’ Grant Lawrence (Episode 543)

Lookout! Records was one of the most significant punk labels of all time. They helped introduce the world to Green Day, Operation Ivy, Screeching Weasel and so many more. Punk hero, member of the Smugglers, broadcaster, podcaster and author…Grant Lawrence…

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COVID-19: Where we’ve been, and where we’re going (Dr. Daryl Wilson) – Episode 540

Instead of talking about punk rock and comic books like we usually do, Dr. Daryl Wilson joins Car Con Carne tonight to speak about his pandemic-related thoughts and experiences. Don’t worry; we also talk about punk rock and comics. Vote…

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Wrong War: right band for right now (Episode 504)

There’s a time, When they will win. There’s not an answer, To every question. First shot misses. Wrong War is a new band that spits attitude and punk rock ethos. Their debut, “Fixed Against Forever” is an accomplished, loud, frantic…

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Ascot-wearing Radio Buzzkills frontman readies punk holiday comp (Episode 499)

As the world is slowly transitioning to nonstop holiday music, so too is the pop punk community. “A Gutter Pop Christmas,” a compilation of pop punk bands doing holiday songs, comes out on Cyber Monday. Zac Buzzkill of the Radio…

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T1 fest: Punk rock fest goes virtual to fight T1 diabetes (Episode 481)

T1 Fest returns this year to raise awareness in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes, and this year’s event is all online! I’ll be hosting the livestream event Saturday night at 5pm, featuring Lettermans, Hayley and the Crushers, Dan Vapid,…

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Celebrating 30 years of Pegboy (Episode 478)

30 years of Pegboy demand a celebration! The band performs in a drive-in show tomorrow night in Bridgeview (get tickets at, and are chatting with me (and special guest Daryl Wilson of the Bollweevils) tonight for Car Con Carne!…