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Sludgeworth is here to stay – Riot Fest interview (Episode 882)

Dan and Brian of Sludgeworth talked with Car Con Carne before closing the Rebel Stage at Riot Fest. Just so we’re not burying the lede: They’re making new music!! Car Con Carne is presented by Alex Ross Art. Visit Alex…

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Showoff is back! (Episode 855)

Showoff is officially back, and they kicked things off locally with a secret, unannounced appearance at Punk Rock Tacos on July 8, 2023. In a case of lucky coincidence, I was at the show to record interviews with a few…

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Guardrail delivers ‘Content’ at Evanston Mexican go-to La Principal (Episode 853)

Days before their career-best new release “Content” comes out, Kevin, Alyssa and Ken of Guardrail join me for a fantastic dinner interview at Southeast Evanston’s go-to Mexican restaurant, La Principal (700 Main St, Evanston, IL 60202, Joining us for…

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Fluorescents celebrate EP release at Cobra Lounge (Episode 841)

¾ of Chicago area pop-punk band Fluorescents (Tyler, Bobby, Sasquel) join me for a chat outside Gene & Jude’s. Over hot dogs, we talk about their upcoming show at Cobra Lounge (6/2), as well as: *Their “ripping” cover of “Party…

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Pinhead Gunpowder’s entire catalog reissued (Episode 723)

Green Day fans have been aware of Pinhead Gunpowder from the beginning, but the band still feels like one of punk rock’s best-kept secrets. The band (Billie Joe Armstrong, Jason White, Aaron Cometbus and Bill Schneider) is seeing all of…

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Dan Vapid and the Cheats are back with ‘Escape Velocity’ (Episode 680)

Dan Vapid and the Cheats return with a new album, “Escape Velocity,” on Friday. Considering Vapid’s career has included runs in the Methadones, Screeching Weasel and Riverdales, it may seem audacious to say that he’s delivered one of his best…

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Lookout! Records history with the Smugglers’ Grant Lawrence (Episode 543)

Lookout! Records was one of the most significant punk labels of all time. They helped introduce the world to Green Day, Operation Ivy, Screeching Weasel and so many more. Punk hero, member of the Smugglers, broadcaster, podcaster and author…Grant Lawrence…

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Ascot-wearing Radio Buzzkills frontman readies punk holiday comp (Episode 499)

As the world is slowly transitioning to nonstop holiday music, so too is the pop punk community. “A Gutter Pop Christmas,” a compilation of pop punk bands doing holiday songs, comes out on Cyber Monday. Zac Buzzkill of the Radio…

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Wilmette celebrates day of EP release in bed, on Car Con Carne (Episode 461)

Wilmette’s new self-titled EP came out today (on Mutant League Records), and the band chatted from bed(?) to talk about their music, videos, and horror movies. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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This is a podcast about a girl: The Mr. T Experience (Episode 434)

Dr. Frank of the long-running and celebrated California pop-punk band The Mr. T Experience joins me today to talk about remastering the band’s catalog, including the new compilation “MTX Forever” and the rerelease of “…And the Women Who Love Them.”…