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Michelles – ‘Walk by the Lake’ (SNACK – 3/23/23)

Today’s Snack is “Walk by the Lake,” from Michelles. The song comes from Michelles’ latest album, “The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll.” Enjoy your snack!

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Pino Farina Band – ‘Guilty’ (SNACK – 3/21/23)

Today’s snack is “Guilty” from Pino Farina Band’s 2018 release, “Start Over Again.” See Pino Farina Band at RocHaus in West Dundee on April 8!

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One Arm Giant – ‘The Verge of Our Collapse’ (Snack 3/16/23)

Today’s Car Con Carne Snack comes from One Arm Giant. The song is “The Verge of Our Collapse,” from their full-length release, “Start Tomorrow.” Enjoy your snack!

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8-bit crEEps – ‘I Lose’ (Snack – 3/14/23)

8-bit crEEps are from Chicago, and self-described as “a psych-wave quartet in a polygamist marriage with new-wave synths, fuzzed-out guitars and driving beats.” I hope you love this band as much as I do. “I Lose” is taken from the…

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Touched By Ghoul – ‘Cancel the World’ (Snack – 3/9/23)

Touched By Ghoul (Episode 696) killed it on their second album, “Cancel the World.” I think you’re going to like the title track.

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Brother Derek – ‘Tom Cruise Leaves Self’ (Snack – 3/7/23)

Today’s Snack is “Tom Cruise Leaves Self” by Brother Derek. See the band at International Pop Overthrow at Montrose Saloon next month!

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Cap Gun Heroes – ‘With You’ (Snack – 3/2/23)

Today’s Car Con Carne Snack is “With You,” by Cap Gun Heroes. It’s available on all streaming platforms.

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Corduroy Cat – ‘Mary the Elephant’ (Snack- 2/28/23)

Car Con Carne Snack – 2/28/23 Today’s Snack is “Mary the Elephant” from Corduroy Cat! Hope you like it.

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Derision Cult – ‘Deaf Blood’ (Snack – 2/23/23)

Car Con Carne Snack – 2/23/23 Derision Cult “Deaf Blood” Support the band at

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The Dopers – ‘Lookout’ (Snack 2/21/23)

Car Con Carne Snack – 2/21/23 The Dopers “Lookout” Support the Dopers: