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Martin Atkins (PiL, Pigface, Killing Joke) spearheads ‘scratch and sniff’ music conference (Episode 490)

Musician Martin Atkins (Pigface, PiL, Killing Joke) is also an accomplished educator. This weekend, he’ll be leading the Midwest Music Expo… with a twist. It’s the world’s first “Scratch and…

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‘There’s nothing more emotionally honest’ than horror: Author Peter Counter (Episode 482)

“The best horror stories don’t take us into the truly unknown. Instead, they show us the limits of sensory experience, making us aware of the border between humanity and naught…

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The pandemic, broken down day-by-day: Author/Editor Jon Sternfeld (Episode 480)

COVID-19 has defined the way we think and exist in 2020. As history continues to unfold, the first several months of the pandemic have already been committed to print. “UNPREPARED:…

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From ‘Permanent Waves’ to ‘Presto’: Rush in the 1980s with author Martin Popoff (Episode 479)

Drawn like moths, we drift into the city The timeless old attraction Cruising for the action Lit up like a firefly Just to feel the living night   Author Martin…

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Scenes from the pandemic: Author Bill Hayes (Episode 470)

It’s been a helluva year so far. Writer Bill Hayes captured the emotions, sights and tone of the first few months of living during a pandemic in his excellent and…

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Don’t You Just Hate That? – Author Scott Cohen (Episode 463)

It’s the little things in life that make you crazy. Life’s many tedious annoyances are spelled out by author Scott Cohen in his re-released book, “Don’t You Just Hate That?”…

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Reviewing 50 Chicago hot dog joints in 50 days: Author Dennis Foley (Episode 448)

I chatted tonight with author Dennis Foley about his new book, “No Ketchup Chicago’s Top 50 Hot Dogs and The Stories Behind Them!” This episode is so authentically Chicago, it…

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‘Saved by the Bell’ analyzed to a methodical, data-rich extreme: Author Matt Pais (Episode 433)

Imagine voluntarily watching every episode of Saved By the Bell and analyzing each one for subtext, messages and highlights. Like 2020 wasn’t hard enough already… Writer Matt Pais‘s new book, “Zack…

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Zero-proof whiskey and gin: ‘We literally cannot make this fast enough for demand’ (Marcus Sakey of Ritual Zero Proof) – Episode 304

I’m not drunk… YOU’RE DRUNK.

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Where to Eat in Chicago: Fooditor at Finom Coffee (Episode 303)

Start planning your culinary adventures with this episode.