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‘A skewed cabaret band of blues, jazz and rockabilly’ – The Claudettes (Episode 906)

Car Con Carne is presented by Alex Ross Art. Visit Alex Ross on YouTube to keep up to date with one of the comics industry’s most important and celebrated creators. The Claudettes return for a Chicago show at Old Town…

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WGN-TV Morning News Announcer Mike Toomey appearing at ‘Comedy for Cancer’ benefit (Episode 704)

The WGN-TV Morning News is a morning show crowded with smart, funny people. Even with a “full house” of familiar personalities, Mike Toomey manages to stand out thanks to his timing, delivery and wildly creative mind. As a stand-up comic,…

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‘S.W.A.T.’ / SoA star Kenny Johnson talks about dyslexia, arm wrestling and acting (Episode 594)

This episode is another collaboration with the non profit Brent Sopel Foundation, part of the “You Are Not Alone Series.” Brent’s a retired professional hockey player. As a defenseman, he played professional hockey in the NHL, KHL, and AHL. In…

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First colon cancer, then possible eviction: The fund to help JBTV’s Jerry Bryant (Episode 444)

JBTV mainman Jerry Bryant has produced close to 10,000 episodes of JBTV, turning many of us on to dozens of new artists through the years. Expenses, coupled with the realities of living under a pandemic, have left him in a…

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Hard-working, super-talented Chicago actor Mickey O’Sullivan eats Byron’s hot dogs, talks movies/TV (Episode 207)

“Chef Dan” from “The Chi” returns to eat Chicago dogs from Byron’s!

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WGN-TV’s Marcus Leshock at Borinquen Lounge: He’s won Emmys, and now he reeks of garlic (Episode 194)

This week, I’m joined by super-talented WGN-TV anchor/host/personality Marcus Leshock (a multiple Emmy winner! A WGN Employee of the Month!). Gaby from Borinquen Lounge (3811 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618) jumps in the car with jibaritos that are beyond…

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Talking music with MTV/radio’s most trusted music voice, Matt Pinfield (Episode 86)

It’s the first-ever Car Con Carne remote broadcast, as the show rolls into San Francisco! Joining me for this episode is no less than Matt Pinfield, the entertainment industry’s most trusted music voice (he currently hosts mornings at KFOG in…

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From Joliet to DePaul to the WNBA: Chicago Sky star Allie Quigley (Episode 75)

Just last week, I watched an early rough of the Car Con Carne TV pilot. Simply put, I can’t wait for you to see it. In the meantime, here’s a longform audio version of one of the segments, an interview…

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Local H: As Good As Fed (Car Con Carne TV Pilot) (Episode 72)

BREAKING: A Car Con Carne TV pilot is being worked on as you’re reading this. Scott Lucas of super-huge Chicago band Local H joined me for the pilot’s first shoot, at BRGRBELLY in Portage Park (truly one of Chicago’s best…

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‘Kiss my glass!’ Wine Channel TV host uncorks knowledge over pizza (Episode 55)

Wine Channel TV host/sommelier/wine judge Jessica Altieri jumps in the Mazda 3 to eat pizza from Dough Bros in River North and answer some key questions: What’s a good wine for spring drinking? What kind of wine should you drink…