‘A skewed cabaret band of blues, jazz and rockabilly’ – The Claudettes (Episode 906)

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The Claudettes return for a Chicago show at Old Town School of Folk Music on Saturday, December 9. See the band that the Minneapolis Star-Tribune described as “A skewed cabaret band of blues, jazz and rockabilly…a sensibility that feels equal parts James Dean and David Lynch.” Buy tickets here:

Johnny Iguana of the Claudettes joins me for this episode. Besides being a founder of the band, he’s also a Blues Music Award nominee, Living Blues Award Nominee, and the co-composer of the score for the first two seasons of FX’s hit show “The Bear.”

We talk over Italian Beefs (trying to honor season one of “The Bear”) and get into the band’s unique sound, the creative process, and Johnny’s early career playing piano in Junior Wells’ band.

This is a fun one… give it a view/listen, then see the band on Saturday 12/9!

Author: carconcarne