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‘Vampire synth pop’ artist Madame Reaper and the Gentlemen’s Club eats falafel (Episode 874)

I’m joined by Kira Leadholm of Madame Reaper and the Gentlemen’s Club, recorded outside Middle Eastern Bakery on Foster/Clark. We talk about the forthcoming album release (9/8) and the release show at Golden Dagger the following week. We also talk…

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From rabbits in hats to rabbits in sausage: Chicago Magic Lounge at Hot ‘G’ Dog (Episode 209)

Close-up magic done by one of the best, while eating gourmet sausage in a Mazda CX-9!

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Hard-working, super-talented Chicago actor Mickey O’Sullivan eats Byron’s hot dogs, talks movies/TV (Episode 207)

“Chef Dan” from “The Chi” returns to eat Chicago dogs from Byron’s!

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Burlesque and ice cream: A visit from Peep Show (Episode 125)

I’m joined by three of the stars of “Peep Show,” a burlesque revue currently running in Chicago. Performers Sauda Namir, Kevlar B. Lightning (The curvy cutie with a bulletproof booty) and Big Daddy met me for ice cream at George’s…