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My visit to FAN EXPO Chicago 2023

$100 for a Randy Quaid autograph? The bullshitter’s full.

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Support an ‘adult picture book’ that’s ‘full of swears’: Shut Up and Feel (Episode 866)

Award-winning creative duo DJ Corchin and Dan Dougherty are currently crowdfunding “Shut Up and Feel: An Adult Picture Book on Emotions,” a book that’s “relatable, hilarious, and has a lot of swears. A bold, picture book approach to the messy…

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Challengers Comics celebrates 15th anniversary at Club Lago (Episode 825)

This episode sees the return of longtime friend and Challengers Comics + Conversation co-owner Patrick Brower! For this conversation, we met at Club Lago in River North (331 W Superior St, Chicago, IL 60654). Owner GianCarlo was kind enough to…

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Comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz (Episode 759)

Comic creator BILL SIENKIEWICZ (Sin-KEV-itch) is an Eisner Award-winner for his work on DC Comics’ The Sandman: Endless Nights. He’s also a two time Emmy nominee for his production and character design on the TV series Where In the World…

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Creating a Branded Podcast (Panel) – Chicago Podcast Day (Episode 738)

Small businesses… big companies… entrepreneurs… it seems like the demand for branded podcasts is at an all time high. In a panel recorded at Chicago Podcast Day in May, 2022, I was joined by Patrick Brower (Contest of Challengers) and…

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Russian mythology and Italian sausage: Talking ‘Atomika’ over Johnnie’s Beef with comics creator Sal Abbinanti (Episode 688)

ATOMIKA: GOD IS RED, the independently-created graphic novel by Sal Abbinanti, is being compiled in a new Omnibus edition. Jump on the Kickstarter of Atomika while you can: It closes soon, and there are all kinds of cool extras and…

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Spawn’s journey from the Image explosion through the Spawn Universe: Editor Thomas Healy (Episode 565)

Fan-favorite comic book character Spawn made his comic book debut in 1992, part of an independent creator revolution that turned the industry upside down. As the Spawn universe continues to grow under Todd McFarlane Productions, Thomas Healy (Editor-Spawn comics; Publishing…

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Poverty, revenge, religion and violence: Comics creator Sal Abbinanti’s ‘The Hostage’ (Episode 558)

“This hostage was not born. It was not sent. It was the dream of the kids that never felt sorry for themselves.” “The Hostage” is a new graphic novel from independent comic artist Sal Abbinanti that tells the story of…

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Storm King Comics, John Carpenter movies and the entertainment business: Sandy King Carpenter (Episode 509)

Sandy King Carpenter has arrived on Car Con Carne to chew bubblegum and kick ass.  Movie producer. Writer. Publisher. Director. Entrepreneur … Carpenter’s work is all over legendary movies like “They Live,” “Village of the Damned” and “Starman.” Along with…

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Award-winning comic artist Dan Dougherty rocks on solo music release (Episode 416)

Award-winning comic book, newspaper strip and children’s book writer/illustrator, Dan Dougherty joins me tonight. Besides his highly-relatable work on “Beardo” and his supernatural “Touching Evil,” Dan’s a stellar musician. His new solo album, “Bad Ideas,” is a roots rocker available…