Burgers! Metal! It’s a Kuma’s Fest preview with The Atlas Moth (Episode 308)

KUMA’S FEST is coming to Brands Park on the Northwest side on June 27, 2020! Check out this line-up: Anthrax, Converge, Russian Circles, the Atlas Moth and Indians! To preview Kuma’s Fest, returning favorite Stavros from the Atlas Moth joins me for conversation over… what else?… Kuma’s burgers.

Discussed this week:

  • The Atlas Moth’s long history with Kuma’s.
  • Stavros potentially spoils something about Kuma’s Fest.
  • Wrestling, and Stavros’ amazing Chris Jericho story (which also involves Metallica).
  • The past, present and future of the Atlas Moth.
  • Stavros is Metal AF.
  • The evolution of Kuma’s Fest(s).
  • Kuma’s is one of the places you can count on to truly cook a “medium rare” burger.
  • Atlas Moth’s first 7″ is still behind the bar.
  • What in the hell did I do with my show notes?
  • Defining The Atlas Moth’s sound is like “nailing Jell-O to a wall.”
  • The band was pissed when they did their last album, “Coma Noir.”
  • Lots of horror movie talk.
  • The internet has killed band mystique.

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