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Xoe Wise: From scooter pop-ups to the new album “Air” (Episode 397)

Singer/songwriter Xoe Wise has been keeping busy during the pandemic. Beyond readying a new album (“Air”), coming out next month, she spent a lot of time fundraising and helping people…

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Local H live from the 1st of 2 sold-out drive-in shows (Episode 396)

Scott Lucas of Local H joined me for a quick chat before launching into the first of two sold-out drive-in concerts at Harvest Moon Drive-In in Gibson City, Illinois. Car…

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The remarkable and inspirational story of V is for Villains (Episode 395)

Mr. Agitator of V is For Villains has used music to push back on adversity and profound physical trauma that most of us can only imagine. This is a long interview, but…

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Stoner metal/doom band Black Road talks horror, pot and music (Episode 394)

Suzi and Tim from stoner/doom band Black Road talk about their five-year history as a band, their visual image, their interest in horror, making videos and the Chicago music scene….

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Video Episode – Michael Shannon on Car Con Carne

Watch the interview with the super talented Michael Shannon, recorded live on Facebook on 6/19/20! From the episode description: Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Michael Shannon joined me for…

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Michael Shannon is one of our era’s greatest actors (Episode 393)

Actor Michael Shannon talks about some of his most famous films (including Shape of Water, Knives Out, Man of Steel) and talks about his love for music.

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August Hotel plays at-home version of new song ‘S.T.A.R.’ (Episode 392)

August Hotel returns to Car Con Carne for a chat and performance of their new song, “S.T.A.R.” Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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Live performance and conversation with Chicago artist Nathan Graham (Episode 391)

Chicago’s Nathan Graham has been impressing music fans in Chicago for years. Since his first appearance on Car Con Carne, he’s appeared on “The Voice” and gone solo. It was…

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Digging into the defiant Chicago roots of Chicago’s Bloodshot Records with Rob Miller (Episode 390)

Insurgent Country. Defiant Roots. Bloodshot Records has put out incredible, timeless music since launching in 1994. From the big names (Old 97s, Ryan Adams) through genre-defining acts (Jon Langford, Robbie…

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Crossover episode with Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast (Episode 389)

Car Con Carne crosses over and shares an episode with Pop Punk & Pizza, hosted by Jacques LaMore. This time around, I’m the one getting interviewed, as Jacques asks about…