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‘S.W.A.T.’ / SoA star Kenny Johnson talks about dyslexia, arm wrestling and acting (Episode 594)

This episode is another collaboration with the non profit Brent Sopel Foundation, part of the “You Are Not Alone Series.” Brent’s a retired professional hockey player. As a defenseman, he played professional hockey in the NHL, KHL, and AHL. In…

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The 80s vibe of transcontinental duo Rain Rabbit (Episode 593)

Rain Rabbit is a transcontinental duo, with Kyle Brauch headquartered here in Chicago and Craig Bennett in Australia. They both came on Car Con Carne to talk about how they came together, and how they got their self-titled debut (out…

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Trauma, struggle, treatment and hope: Djunah’s Donna Diane (Episode 592)

“I only recently got the treatment I needed, and I’m glad I did because it saved my life” – that sentence stopped me in my tracks when I saw Djunah’s Instagram feed last week. Donna Diane of Djunah has wrestled…

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MAKS the Fox returns after 5 years with stunning album ‘That We Exist’ (Episode 591)

MAKS the Fox returns with a new album (That We Exist) on 4/23, and Kori, Marlon and Rachel are on Car Con Carne to talk about it! Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services and Siren Records McHenry

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The Rotten Drapes (Episode 590)

Michael Vallez of the Rotten Drapes is tonight’s guest. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services and Siren Records McHenry

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The sonic growth and prolific past year of Marina City (Episode 589)

The night before they drop their new song, “Undone,” Ryan Argast of Marina City returns to Car Con Carne to catch up on everything the band’s been writing and working on over the past year. Car Con Carne is sponsored…

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PRAVDA Records: Profile of the enduring indie label with President Kenn Goodman (Episode 588)

Pravda Records has been a part of the independent music scene since the 80s, with a mighty talent roster including names like Matt Wilson, Josh Caterer, Wake Ooloo, Green, Cheer-Accident, The Slugs, New Duncan Imperials, The Diplomats of Solid Sound…

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Making dystopias fun again with ‘Utopia PR’ author Adam Bender (Episode 587)

Author Adam Bender jumps on Car Con Carne to talk about his new book, “Utopia PR,” “A sci-fi satire about a public relations rep seeking work-life balance while managing crisis after crisis for a dystopian American president.” Car Con Carne…

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Baseball, goth and Orson Welles: April at the Rock Island Public House drive-in (Episode 586)

Rock Island Public House drive-in movie curator Mike Vanderbilt returns to talk about the upcoming schedule! This weekend (4/9-4/11), it’s baseball movies: Major League (4/9), A League of Their Own (4/10) and The Sandlot (4/11). Next weekend, it’s Orson Welles’…

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Unearthing sports-related music treasures with Rick Gieser (Episode 585)

Rick Gieser has the largest collection of sports-related songs anywhere, and he joins Car Con Carne tonight with tons of obscure and fascinating releases that you likely weren’t aware even existed! This is a fun one for record collectors, music…