Mark Rose (Spitalfield, Downwrite) eats poutine at Beard & Belly (Episode 749)

This episode is fantastic, featuring two guests that span music, technology and food.

Mark Rose made a name for himself in Spitalfield, before launching a successful solo career. We talk about his music, but focus on his Downwrite platform, which enables consumers to commission custom songs from performers large and small. Want Richard Patrick of Filter to write a song for your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah? Go to Downwrite. Want Bob Nanna of Braid/Hey Mercedes to write a song for your indie film? Go to Downwrite. I love the concept, and we go deep into it.

Kyle Schrage is the “beard” of “Beard and Belly,” located at 6157 N. Broadway. He walks us through the menu (everything made in-house) and shares items like the pastrami Reuben (OMG), Spicy Pickled Eggs and the Short Rib poutine. We finish with cream pies, as you do.

Lots of great conversation between the three of us coming from Edgewater at the beginning of a long weekend for a lot of us. Hope you enjoy listening!

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Author: carconcarne