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What Can Digital Audio Learn From Traditional Media (Panel): Chicago Podcast Day (Episode 736)

This episode features the audio from a panel held at the first-ever “Chicago Podcast Day” event held at 2112 on May 21, 2022. “What Can Digital Audio Learn From Traditional Media?” was the focus, and my guests were prolific creators…

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South side culture, hidden treasures and beer: Chris Lanuti of Southside Pod (Episode 625)

Southside Pod is a very well-done, funny and community-focused podcast that I love listening to. Chris Lanuti joins me tonight to talk about his show, the south side, and why people should pledge to “Phonation” TODAY. Car Con Carne is…

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Crossover episode with Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast (Episode 389)

Car Con Carne crosses over and shares an episode with Pop Punk & Pizza, hosted by Jacques LaMore. This time around, I’m the one getting interviewed, as Jacques asks about my radio history, the current status of Car Con Carne,…

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The art and science of podcasting -Dynasty Podcast’s Jaime Black (Episode 372)

It’s podcast crossover night! Jaime Black of Dynasty Podcasts joins me for a Friday night conversation about all things related to creating, building and maintaining a podcast.