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Star Union Spirits in Peru, IL embraces history, delivers award-winning spirits (Episode 728)

The Chicago Rum Fest is this Saturday at Logan Square Auditorium (2538 N. Kedzie). Joining me to talk about the event, as well as their own spectacular line of spirits, are Jeff Yosowitz and Bob Windy of Star Union Spirits….

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Tequila seltzer has arrived in Illinois! Cracking open Freshie with Paige and Ryne Ismenger (Episode 551)

Tequlia seltzer? Will it make this cold, miserable February feel more like summer? We’re in. Freshie sparkling tequila seltzer is a locally-created entry to the world of seltzers. Creators/entrepreneurs/tequila imagineers Paige and Ryne Iseminger are on to talk about launching…

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Whisky, gin, and tequila gifts for all tastes and budgets: Sebastien Derbomez of William Grant (Episode 511)

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” and “kiss my ass, 2020” like the judgement-free comfort of a wonderful spirit. Sebastien Derbomez, brand ambassador at William Grant & Sons, returns to Car Con Carne to make liquor suggestions for your gift-buying needs. Milagro…

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Let’s enjoy a Fistful of Bourbon (Episode 477)

There’s a new bourbon in town, and it’s a damn fistful. Fistful of Bourbon US Ambassador Anthony Bohlinger brings a little “Spaghetti Western” flavor to tonight’s podcast recording. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services. Pegboy celebrates their…

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Ghost stories and chocolate & Scotch pairings: Glenrothes (Episode 474)

Is the Glenrothes distillery in Scotland haunted? The ghost of Glenrothes continues to float around conversations about the distillery, and Edrington market manager Sri Rao is here today to explain. Sri also walks through some decadent Glenrothes and Highland Park…

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Happy National Scotch Day! I’m celebrating with Kevin from Glenfiddich! (Episode 417)

It’s National Scotch Day! Kevin Canchola from Glenfiddich is joining me to talk about the Chicago hospitality scene, and about how to properly celebrate National Scotch Day. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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Talking tattoos, rum, punk rock & counterculture with Sailor Jerry Rum’s ‘Gravy’ Thomas (Episode 411)

It’s National Tattoo Day, and there is no spirit more ingrained with the tattooed lifestyle than Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Gravy Thomas, Sailor Jerry “rum rude boy,” is here to talk tattoos and rum. Car Con Carne is sponsored by…