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Hot Doug talks about life after Hot Doug’s (Episode 495)

Legendary Chicago restaurateur and sausage man Hot Doug returns to the show to talk about the future of his meat, life after Hot Doug’s, his new-ish podcast, Taylor Swift and…

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The multi-continental siblings in experimental art rock band Jack of None (Episode 494)

The experimental, dark, arty and poetic sounds of Jack of None challenge me and inspire me. The three siblings that comprise the bi-country band (Philippines and U.S.) join me on…

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DAMMIT, JERRY! A chat with the wonderful Jim O’Heir (Episode 493)

DAMMIT, JERRY! Sure, 2020’s been a crap year, but it did give us a Parks and Rec reunion. The wonderful Jim O’Heir (Jerry on Parks & Rec) joins me tonight…

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Say ‘hello’ to ‘So Long,’ the solo debut from Shannon Candy (Episode 492)

Shannon Candy’s first solo album, “So Long,” was released last week, and it’s a fuzzy, buzzy collection of indie rock greatness. Shannon joins me tonight to talk about the album…

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Drive-in movies, beer and food: Rock Island Public House in Blue Island (Episode 491)

The pandemic’s forced us all to find new ways to do old things. I’ve been especially interested in seeing how different businesses have innovated around the public health crisis. I’m…

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Martin Atkins (PiL, Pigface, Killing Joke) spearheads ‘scratch and sniff’ music conference (Episode 490)

Musician Martin Atkins (Pigface, PiL, Killing Joke) is also an accomplished educator. This weekend, he’ll be leading the Midwest Music Expo… with a twist. It’s the world’s first “Scratch and…

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Triple Fast Action celebrates ‘Michael Jordan anniversary’ of ‘Cattlemen Don’t’ (Episode 489)

If there was a Chicago music yearbook for the 90s, Triple Fast Action would have been voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” They had the songs… the talent… the rock swagger….

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10+ years of riffs, melodies and swagger: Model Stranger (Episode 488)

The three guys in Model Stranger have stuck together for 10 years and are on the verge of releasing their new album, “Phases.” Big riffs, melodies, inventive songwriting and rock…

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Political music, social consciousness and life during lockdown: Adam Gogola (Blind Adam and the Federal League)-Episode 487

I’m a fan of Blind Adam’s world-wise, emphatic vocals and everyman lyrics; they’re both front and center throughout Blind Adam and the Federal League’s music. Country punk? Americana? Punk and…

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The joys of music on cassette and vinyl: Dan Jarvis & Andy Weber (Episode 486)

Let’s hear it for physical music (vinyl! cassettes!). I’m joined today by cassette titan Dan Jarvis (Midwest Action) and vinyl-creating entrepreneur Andy Weber (Smashed Plastic) to talk about the joys…