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AWOLNATION/Distillers tour manager launches skateboard company (Episode 518)

Finless Skateboard Co. is in the home stretch of its Kickstarter campaign to produce eco-friendly decks with vintage feels and a modern twist. Dan McKay is a tour manager for bands like Cypress Hill and the Distillers. When the pandemic…

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Baseball and rock come together in ‘Baseball Furies’ documentary (Episode 517)

The Venn diagram of baseball and rock has a lot more intersections than you may realize. Joining me tonight is Jason Dummeldinger, director of the forthcoming documentary “Baseball Furies,” a movie that explores the relationship between America’s pastime and rock.

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See Christmas movie classics & creepy lesser-known flicks at the Rock Island Public House drive-in (Episode 516)

Santa Claus vs. the Devil. Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker. DIE HARD. All are showing on Rock Island Public House’s totally awesome DIY drive-in screen. Mike Vanderbilt from RIPH is back on to talk about the upcoming film…

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Friday Pilots Club looks to the future (and better in gold) – Episode 515

Caleb and Drew from Friday Pilots Club return to Car Con Carne just as their single, “Look Better In Gold” is blowing up! Keep an eye on this band… 2021 will be their year.

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KTs Kids preview with Liar’s Club, Local H and Katie Augustyn (Episode 514)

The virtual telethon for KT’s Kids is happening Sunday! This is the 17th annual Holiday Fundraiser, and Car Con Carne wants it to be a huge success! Joining me tonight are the Liar’s Club team putting it on (Herb Rosen…

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The smells of Chicago come alive in candle form at Beverly Dry Goods (Episode 513)

I love candles. If you watch the FB Live broadcasts, 9 times out of 10 there’s a candle lit behind me. Imagine my excitement when I learned of Beverly Dry Goods on the South Side, selling candles with fragrances like…

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A successful pandemic-era food business created out of ‘spite’: Hardbittenn (Episode 512)

As the world constricted and the service industry was getting chokeslammed, an incalculable number of employees were cut loose or laid off. That’s Chef Halee Raff’s story. She got laid off and decided to go full-speed ahead with her own…

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Whisky, gin, and tequila gifts for all tastes and budgets: Sebastien Derbomez of William Grant (Episode 511)

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” and “kiss my ass, 2020” like the judgement-free comfort of a wonderful spirit. Sebastien Derbomez, brand ambassador at William Grant & Sons, returns to Car Con Carne to make liquor suggestions for your gift-buying needs. Milagro…

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Firefighters helping kids who are fighting serious illness: Kurt DeGroot of Project Firebuddies (Episode 510)

There’s nothing more comforting than seeing people help other people. Project Fire Buddies is a non-profit organization of firefighters bringing joy and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to kids wrestling with serious illness. Kurt DeGroot of Project Fire Buddies joins me tonight to…

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Storm King Comics, John Carpenter movies and the entertainment business: Sandy King Carpenter (Episode 509)

Sandy King Carpenter has arrived on Car Con Carne to chew bubblegum and kick ass.  Movie producer. Writer. Publisher. Director. Entrepreneur … Carpenter’s work is all over legendary movies like “They Live,” “Village of the Damned” and “Starman.” Along with…