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Punk legend Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids) talks new solo album, punk history (Episode 818)

Ivan Julian is a guitar monster … a punk pioneer … a founding member of Richard Hell & the Voidoids. He’s also played with bands and artists like the Clash, Matthew Sweet and Shriekback. We met outside Rattleback Records in…

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Brady Matteson – ‘Mouth of Canyon’ (Snack – 2/16/23)

Brady Matteson “Mouth of Canyon” Performing at the Logan Theater Lounge on April 26th! Hear more:

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The Burst and Bloom – ‘Home’ (Snack – 2/14/23)

Car Con Carne Snack – 2/14/23 The Burst and Bloom “Home” Support the band on all digital streaming platforms. Unofficially released music will always be on Bandcamp first before other streaming platforms.

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Metal! Beer! Tacos! Cats! ‘Feed the Beasts’ fundraiser preview at Soundgrowler (Episode 817)

Feed the Beasts is hosting a metal-themed cat rescue benefit at Soundgrowler Brewing Co. (8201 183rd Street Suite P, Tinley Park) on February 18 (5pm start). I’m joined by Nicci and Dan, the kind souls behind Feed the Beasts, as…

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The personal side of record collecting explored in ‘Vinyl Nation’ (Episode 816)

For the second year in a row, vinyl records outsold CDs in the U.S. I’m at a point where I have a turntable. My son has a turntable. My daughter has a turntable. The appeal… the draw… of vinyl records…

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Halfdog – ‘Hey You’ (Snack – 2/9/2023)

Car Con Carne Snack – 2/9/23 Halfdog – “Hey You” Support the band on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.!

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Impulsive Hearts – ‘Melody’ (Extra – 2/7/23)

Car Con Carne Extra – 2/7/23 Impulsive Hearts – “Melody” Support the band at

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Visiting new Palatine hotspot Pink’s Shrimp with LOTEC (Episode 815)

In this episode, I’m joined by Chicago indie band LOTEC (Dan, Kenny and Sean) for a visit to PINK’S SHRIMP & OYSTERS (773 N. Quentin Road). LOTEC’s back after being away for… decades (how is that even possible?). We talk…

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Bartoli’s makes modern deep dish pizza in the classic Chicago style (Episode 814)

Eater Chicago named Bartoli’s one of the Essential Deep Dish Pizza Restaurants in Chicago. USA Today called Bartoli’s Chicago’s Best Pizza. Food And Wine said it’s the Best Pizza in Chicago. The critics aren’t wrong… Bartoli’s makes fantastic pizza. For…

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Space Age Zeros – ‘Wishing Well’ (Extra – 2/2/23)

Car Con Carne Extra – 2/2/23 Space Age Zeros – “Wishing Well” Support Space Age Zeros