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A visit to Mirella’s Tavern in Wicker Park (Episode 956)

This episode finds me at Mirella’s Tavern (2056 W. Division), where I chatted with chef/owner “Angry” Chef Jose and restaurant social media director Callie Ezell. I ate Chef’s MASSIVE, award-winning, burger: Double five ounces patties, gem lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, caramelized…

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Masonic Wave at Estelle’s (Episode 941)

Chicago noise rock band Masonic Wave joined me for a chat outside Estelle’s (2013 North Avenue). Bruce Lamont (vocals), Fritz Doreza (bass), Clayton DeMuth (drums) and Scott Spidale (guitar) talked about the new self-titled album, the band’s evolution, their other…

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Meet ‘first listen’ Chicago band Friko (Episode 926)

Friko was a “first listen” band for me… a band that’s pop smart, experimental, noisy, contemplative, bombastic and shoegazy… sometimes within the same 4-5 minute song. And the vocals… oh man. Niko Kapetan (vocals/guitar) of Friko joins me for Thai…

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Celebrity chefs collab with Piece Pizzeria & Brewery for PAWS (Episode 922)

Bill Jacobs (Owner, Piece Pizzeria & Brewery) returns to the show to talk about Piece’s Slice To Meet You pizza collaboration benefit for PAWS Chicago. Every time you order one of their celebrity chef featured pizzas, $50 gets donated to…

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The award-winning Piece Pizzeria & Brewery (Episode 802)

Car Con Carne pulls up to Wicker Park for a long chat with Bill Jacobs, owner of the much-celebrated Piece Pizzeria & Brewery (1927 W. North Avenue). As we eat Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage pizza (red pizza with pepper jack,…

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Singer/songwriter Caroline Lucius at Handlebar in Wicker Park (Episode 799)

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Caroline Lucius is an artist I think you should know. She and her bandmate/brother Schaffer Lucius joined me for a fun episode that included incredible vegetarian food from Handlebar (2311 W. North Avenue). Caroline talked about her music,…

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Episode 213 – Two Chicago classics: AM Taxi and Lou Malnati’s (LIVE AM TAXI PERFORMANCE)

Excellent Chicago band. Iconic Chicago pizza.

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Naked Raygun’s Jeff Pezzati: A Chicago music icon (Episode 182)

Naked Raygun is simply one of the greatest bands to emerge from Chicago. They helped define the Chicago punk sound in the 1980s with a handful of timeless albums and legendary live shows.

Proving there is still justice to be found in the world, Raygun’s legend continues to be discovered and the band’s catalog is finding its way into a new generation’s streaming playlists. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that one of the band’s most high-profile evangelists is Dave Grohl, who frequently shares the story of seeing Naked Raygun back in the 1980s at the Cubby Bear in Chicago.

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Meet and listen to a band to know: Turnspit (Episode 109)

This week, I’m joined by Turnspit members Gillian McGhee and Jason Swearingen for hummus and falafel from Sultan’s Market (2057 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647). PRESENTED BY BOOST MOBILE Turnspit performs a stunning new song called “Walk Away,” but…

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Why take on online harassment? Amy Guth: ‘Someone’s got to do this. Why not me?’ (Episode 66)

I’ve had this one “in the can” for a while, waiting to launch it simultaneously with Yak Channel. My timing was a little off. Okay, a lot off. Regarding online harassment, multimedia journalist/star Amy Guth had been told to “suck…