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Comedy is medicinal: The standup comedy of Dr. Bill Miller (Episode 476)

Dr. Bill Miller is, in fact, a real doctor. He’s also a killer stand-up comic who’s headlining Zanies in Chicago Friday-Sunday night. Mask up and tune in to Episode 476. The doctor’s in the house. Car Con Carne is sponsored…

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Dead Bars release fantastic live album with zero edits: John Maiello (Episode 475)

Seattle band Dead Bars puts big melodies into short, fast packages that make us want to drink beer. This is well done, blue collar punk rock. Now that the band’s released the live album, “Live at White Eagle Hall,” I’m…

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Ghost stories and chocolate & Scotch pairings: Glenrothes (Episode 474)

Is the Glenrothes distillery in Scotland haunted? The ghost of Glenrothes continues to float around conversations about the distillery, and Edrington market manager Sri Rao is here today to explain. Sri also walks through some decadent Glenrothes and Highland Park…

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‘Sound Opinions’ hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis (Episode 473)

Music journalism simply doesn’t get any better than Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot. In the time I took to type this, the Chicago-based rock critics/authors/“Sound Opinions” hosts have forgotten more about music than most people will learn in their lifetimes….

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The future looks bright: Teen band Neptunes Core (Episode 471)

Meet Neptunes Core. They’re younger than you (by a lot), and already an accomplished local band. The two pairs of sisters that make up the band join me tonight to talk about their musical identity, goals and plans. Car Con…

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Scenes from the pandemic: Author Bill Hayes (Episode 470)

It’s been a helluva year so far. Writer Bill Hayes captured the emotions, sights and tone of the first few months of living during a pandemic in his excellent and highly-relatable new book, “How We Live Now: Scenes from the…

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Skateboarding royalty Manny Santiago previews The Downtown Open SKATE Championship (Episode 469)

One of the best skateboarders anywhere, Manny Santiago, joins me tonight! He’s here in advance of competing tomorrow night in the Downtown Open SKATE Championship (which will be streamed live 5-7p).  No face plants… only face time. Car Con Carne…

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Blues on a Monday: Dave Specter and Billy Branch (Episode 468)

Internationally acclaimed bluesman Dave Specter and blues harp icon Billy Branch join me tonight to talk about their recent collaboration (“The Ballad of George Floyd”), blues history (Willie Dixon, Little Walter), live gigs and more. Car Con Carne is sponsored…

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“I love you, and you’ll learn to love me, too” – The Honeymoon Phase (Episode 467)

October is the month when it’s imperative to watch every horror movie possible. Start today by checking out the newly-released film “The Honeymoon Phase,” a thriller that offers an unsettling look into the nature of relationships. “Honeymoon Phase” director Phillip…

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New music releases previewed with Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie) -Episode 466

Music curation is a lost art. It’s hard to cut through the crap and find stuff worth listening to. My friend Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie) has evolved into a fantastically reliable curator, and is rolling through some of his…