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clubdrugs: My new best friends (Episode 945)

John and Maria from gothpop duo clubdrugs join me for tacos as we talk about their super cool band (they seriously sound amazing). We also discussed our shared interest in all things horror, and basically made plans to do this…

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I:Scintilla singer Brittany Bindrim goes solo with ‘Vellela Velella’ (Episode 930)

Darkpop, darkwave, electropop artist Brittany Bindrim joins me to talk about her first-ever solo album, “Velella Velella” (out March 8). As we eat tacos from La Traspasada in Avondale, we also talk about: *Brittany’s non-music hobbies *Why the members of…

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‘What will become of us’ – The approachable goth of the Well Tempered (Episode 534)

Meet The Well Tempered. RIYL Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, New Order. The synthy, moody gloom of the Well Tempered feels appropriate for January, to say nothing of a January spinning out of 2020. The project of musician Robert Bock…

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Nocturna Transmission: Goth DJ Scary Lady Sarah eats vegan food from Upton’s Breakroom (Episode 211)

The victims have been bled /
Red velvet lines the black box