Nocturna Transmission: Goth DJ Scary Lady Sarah eats vegan food from Upton’s Breakroom (Episode 211)

Iconic goth D.J. Scary Lady Sarah joins me for vegan food at Upton’s Breakroom (2054 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60612). We talked about her evolution as a DJ, goth music and music curation as we devoured a truly fantastic meat-free dinner.

See Scary Lady Sarah at “Nocturna: New Loves & Broken Hearts Ball” (Saturday, February 16 at Metro).

Discussed this week:

  • Tahini shakes at Upton’s: I’d have one every day if I could.
  • The birth of Scary Lady Sarah’s celebrated “Nocturna” club night (“it’s primarily a goth night”).
  • How punk rock led into post punk into goth for Sarah.
  • How music discovery has evolved, and its pros and cons.
  • The crucial role of music curators today.
  • How Sarah’s music fanaticism led her to learn to D.J.
  • The goth subculture and its visual aesthetic.
  • The much-anticipated Nocturna book!
  • Sarah’s band, Bellwether Syndicate. She had to learn how to play in order to be in the band!

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Special thanks this week to Natalie Slater and Upton’s Breakroom.


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