Car Con Carne: Now numbered and itemized for your archiving enjoyment!

Because Car Con Carne isn’t an “episodic” show (you can listen to episodes in any order), it never occurred to me to include episode numbers when I published the individual episodes.

I was also of the assumption that numbering podcast episodes was more of a self-congratulatory thing, done more for the host than the audience. Recent conversations with other podcasters made me second guess that opinion, so I asked my Facebook friends to give me their thoughts.

The overwhelming response was, yes, people like episode numbering for podcasts. And with that, I spent last night editing the individual files and posts to display episode numbers. And episode numbers will be included with each episode moving forward.

I realized after the fact that five episodes didn’t get numbered, including my interview with WWE HOF-er Sunny and my Riot Fest interviews from 2017 (Girls Against Boys, Pepper, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jessica Hernandez). It is what it is, as they say. If I were more OCD, it would drive me crazy. I’ll get over it.

Author: carconcarne