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Episode 272 – NFL star Tim Tyrrell and I bond over a shared AC/DC love

I’m pretty sure Tim Tyrrell (Steelers, Rams, Bills, Falcons) and I are besties at this point. It really comes down to a mutual passion for all things AC/DC. He was…

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Episode 271 – Ex-Chicago White Sox pitcher Adam Russell remembers his time on the South Side

Former Sox hurler Adam Russell talked about his career and playing with the phenomenal talent that populated the White Sox in the late-00s. We talked at the Brent Sopel Celebrity…

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Episode 270 – Damn you people! This is golf. Not a rock concert! (Christopher McDonald / “Shooter McGavin”)

This is a fun one. I’m joined by actor Christopher McDonald, who’s been in EVERYTHING. That said, he’s easily most recognized for playing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore. He jumped…

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Haex at Cold Waves VIII (Episode 269)

Meet the incredible L.A. duo Haex!

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Hey Man, Nice Podcast: Richard Patrick of FILTER (Episode 268)

FIlter frontman visits Car Con Carne for an honest and unforgettable interview

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Industrial legend Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Lard, etc.) talks at Cold Waves VIII (Episode 267)

Paul Barker = the man.

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Preaching to the perverted: Pop Will Eat Itself at Cold Waves (Episode 266)

Pop Will Eat Itself on Car Con Carne: Can U Dig It?

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CHEMLAB talks career highs and lows at Cold Waves VIII (Episode 265)

Jared Louche from CHEMLAB jumps in the car for a chat in front of Metro as Cold Waves VIII kicked off! Jared is a charismatic, intelligent, well-spoken, wildly creative guy…

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Cold Waves VIII: Acumen (Episode 264)

Jason and Ethan Novak of Acumen jumped into the Mazda, parked in front of Metro for Night One of the 8th annual “Cold Waves” event. We talk about the band’s…

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Live at Riot Fest 2019: Chicago band Kali Masi (Episode 263)

Sam Porter of Chicago band Kali Masi joined me backstage on Day Three of Riot Fest! Car Con Carne is presented by the Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.