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GUEST HOST WEEK – Dr. Daryl Wilson interviews Rise Against’s Joe Principe (Episode 403)

Guest Host Week kicks off with host Dr. Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils), a frequent guest, friend and exceptional dude. His guest is bassist Joe Principe of Rise Against, one of…

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‘Real World’ alum Andre Comeau delivers rocking new EP, live performance (Episode 402)

Andre Comeau just put out a rocking new EP called “Wrong Within” that’s sleazy, bluesy and full of attitude. Gen Xers may recognize him instantly from the very first season…

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Michael McDermott asks ‘What in the World’ on new album (Episode 401)

Michael McDermott’s next gig is a live stream event on Sunday: “The American in Me” will run at 10am on StageIt that morning. I’ve long believed (as so many would…

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‘Records’ truly is his middle name: Radio Hall of Famer John Landecker (Episode 400)

The first radio disc jockey whose name I remembered as a child was John Records Landecker. He’s a Radio Hall of Famer and recent inductee to the National Association of…

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KOVAL Distillery is a groundbreaking Chicago treasure (Episode 399)

The north side is home to the much-awarded, much-beloved KOVAL Distillery. KOVAL President Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart talked with me tonight about getting the distillery off the ground, getting into the…

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From the streets of Harvey to the stratosphere with Frank Sinatra: Legendary comedian Tom Dreesen (Episode 398)

Tonight’s episode was like an entertainment history lesson. Comedian Tom Dreesen talked about his career, his Illinois roots, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tim Reid and (naturally) Frank Sinatra….

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Xoe Wise: From scooter pop-ups to the new album “Air” (Episode 397)

Singer/songwriter Xoe Wise has been keeping busy during the pandemic. Beyond readying a new album (“Air”), coming out next month, she spent a lot of time fundraising and helping people…

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Local H live from the 1st of 2 sold-out drive-in shows (Episode 396)

Scott Lucas of Local H joined me for a quick chat before launching into the first of two sold-out drive-in concerts at Harvest Moon Drive-In in Gibson City, Illinois. Car…

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The remarkable and inspirational story of V is for Villains (Episode 395)

Mr. Agitator of V is For Villains has used music to push back on adversity and profound physical trauma that most of us can only imagine. This is a long interview, but…

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Stoner metal/doom band Black Road talks horror, pot and music (Episode 394)

Suzi and Tim from stoner/doom band Black Road talk about their five-year history as a band, their visual image, their interest in horror, making videos and the Chicago music scene….