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Behind the new horror film ‘1BR’: David Marmour, Alok MIshra and Naomi Grossman (Episode 415)

I absolutely loved “1BR,” a new horror movie written/directed by David Marmor (on VOD now). Joining me for a chat about the movie are David Marmor, producer Alok Mishra and…

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Kali Masi’s Sam Porter talks about new music, old demos and playing Riot Fest (Episode 414)

Chicago band Kali Masi has been a band to watch for the past few years, and Sam Porter talked with Car Con Carne about what’s coming next from the band….

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From ‘Terrifier’ to Marilyn Manson: Guitarist/composer Paul Wiley (Episode 413)

Marilyn Manson guitarist Paul Wiley has deep Chicago roots. He also scored one of my favorite recent horror movies, “Terrifier” (watch it on Netflix!). We’re talking Manson, Paul’s solo project…

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Nick Perri delivers an orgy of psych/blues/funk/rock on new album (Episode 412)

We first heard Nick Perri when he was in Silvertide. Fast forward to today, and his blazing guitar work is front and center in Nick Perri and the Underground Thieves….

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RIP Rick Linus (Repost Mexican Werewolf interview from 11/19/17, Episode 134)

Update: 7/18/20. I just read the sad news on social media of Rick Linus’s passing. I enjoyed the interactions I had with him, and always found him to be a…

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Talking tattoos, rum, punk rock & counterculture with Sailor Jerry Rum’s ‘Gravy’ Thomas (Episode 411)

It’s National Tattoo Day, and there is no spirit more ingrained with the tattooed lifestyle than Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Gravy Thomas, Sailor Jerry “rum rude boy,” is here to…

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Kansas lead singer Ronnie Platt talks band history and ‘The Absence of Presence’ (Episode 410)

Kansas history from 1974-the new album out tomorrow (“The Absence of Presence”) with Chicago native/Kansas frontman Ronnie Platt

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‘Carne’ returns to Car Con Carne: The magnificent meats of Happy to Meat You and Master Chef Scott Fischer (Episode 409)

Add pepper to your steak *after* cooking it: I learned a lot from Master Chef Scott Fischer tonight. “Carne” returns to “Car Con Carne” with steakhouse-quality meats from delivery service Happy…

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‘Situation Chicago’ double LP set to raise money for Chicago venues (Episode 408)

“Situation Chicago” is a new Chicago-centric benefit compilation put together by Quiet Pterodactyl that will turn over 100% of its sales to local venues. The artist list features names both…

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Guest Host Herb Rosen (Liar’s Club) chats with 8 different music guests in one show! (Episode 407)

Liar’s Club owner Herb Rosen guest hosts Car Con Carne tonight, and has lined up a full bench of guests to join him: Scott Lucas / Local H Mike O’Connell…