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Jon Langford previews Pine Valley Cosmonauts tribute to Tom Waits at the Hideout (Episode 632)

Pine Valley Cosmonauts’ new album, “The Closing Time,” is a song-for-song recreation of Tom Waits’ debut album, “Closing Time.” “Patron saint of Chicago music” Jon Langford returns to Car Con Carne to preview the album, and its release show at…

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Digging into the defiant Chicago roots of Chicago’s Bloodshot Records with Rob Miller (Episode 390)

Insurgent Country. Defiant Roots. Bloodshot Records has put out incredible, timeless music since launching in 1994. From the big names (Old 97s, Ryan Adams) through genre-defining acts (Jon Langford, Robbie Fulks, Kelly Hogan) to uncompromising originals (Laura Jane Grace, Devil…

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Listen to a live musical preview of ‘Take Me’ with Jon Langford and actors Nicole Bloomsmith and Carmine Grisolia (Episode 227)

“Take Me” debuts at the Strawdog Theatre Company on May 20. Co-created by the team of Mark Guarino and Jon Langford (Waco Brothers, Mekons, lots of amazing things), “Take Me” is “a comic fantasia about searching the vast universe for answers when all along they may be found inside.”

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Exclusive live performance from Jon Langford in the parking lot of Ivy’s (Episode 46)

Jon Langford is an artist’s artist. He’s a member of the Mekons, Waco Brothers, The Three Johns, Men of Gwent and an accomplished solo performer and painter. With a new Waco Brothers album on the way (Going Down in History)…