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A successful pandemic-era food business created out of ‘spite’: Hardbittenn (Episode 512)

As the world constricted and the service industry was getting chokeslammed, an incalculable number of employees were cut loose or laid off. That’s Chef Halee Raff’s story. She got laid off and decided to go full-speed ahead with her own…

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Whisky, gin, and tequila gifts for all tastes and budgets: Sebastien Derbomez of William Grant (Episode 511)

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” and “kiss my ass, 2020” like the judgement-free comfort of a wonderful spirit. Sebastien Derbomez, brand ambassador at William Grant & Sons, returns to Car Con Carne to make liquor suggestions for your gift-buying needs. Milagro…

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Firefighters helping kids who are fighting serious illness: Kurt DeGroot of Project Firebuddies (Episode 510)

There’s nothing more comforting than seeing people help other people. Project Fire Buddies is a non-profit organization of firefighters bringing joy and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to kids wrestling with serious illness. Kurt DeGroot of Project Fire Buddies joins me tonight to…

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Storm King Comics, John Carpenter movies and the entertainment business: Sandy King Carpenter (Episode 509)

Sandy King Carpenter has arrived on Car Con Carne to chew bubblegum and kick ass.  Movie producer. Writer. Publisher. Director. Entrepreneur … Carpenter’s work is all over legendary movies like “They Live,” “Village of the Damned” and “Starman.” Along with…

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Mostly-safe to Google: The very funny Handsome Naked (Episode 508)

The very funny, award-winning comedy hip-hop group Handsome Naked joins me to talk about their new felt puppet-centric video “Comfort Food” and their history in the world of comedy hip-hop. Car Con Carne is presented by Siren Records McHenry.

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From cooking in restaurant kitchens to cranking out paintings in the garage: George Zak (Episode 506)

Let’s talk art. Known for his work as a chef, restaurateur and caterer, George Zak has been heading down a different path this year. He’s been quietly woodshedding away on a unique set of paintings that we’re going to show…

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From KFMDM to “PAIN IS GOD”: Raymond Watts of PIG (Episode 505)

“I love the smell of rock and roll burning holes inside my soul” He is our libertine Lord of Lard… Raymond Watts of checks in from overseas, just as his newly-released “PAIN IS GOD” album has taken over all my…

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Wrong War: right band for right now (Episode 504)

There’s a time, When they will win. There’s not an answer, To every question. First shot misses. Wrong War is a new band that spits attitude and punk rock ethos. Their debut, “Fixed Against Forever” is an accomplished, loud, frantic…

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Chicago’s independent venues team up for CIVLIZATION FESTIVAL (Episode 503)

First to close, last to open. Local music venues remain in a state of existential peril. CIVL (Chicago Independent Venue League) has put together a live streaming event to raise awareness and funds. The CIVLIZATION CONCERT SERIES kicks off Friday…

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The Goddess and Grocer’s Debbie Sharpe (Episode 502)

Well, here we go… home stretch before Thanksgiving. To talk about Thanksgiving food, Fall food… food, in general… I’ve invited Debbie Sharpe, owner of the Goddess and Grocer, to join me for a rare Saturday night Car Con Carne recording!…