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You Weren’t There: Chicago punk in the 80s with filmmakers Joe Losurdo & Christina Tillman (Episode 440)

As the east and west coast punk scenes were gathering press and attention between 77-84, the Chicago scene went largely unnoticed. The documentary film, “You Weren’t There: A History of…

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“They got tanks coming through right here, and there ain’t nothing else you can do” – Songwriter Wyatt Waddell (Episode 439)

Chicago singer/songwriter Wyatt Waddell got a lot of deserved national attention this summer for his song “Fight.” With the release of Vic Mensa’s “No More Teardrops” (featuring Wadell along with the…

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GET THE *%$? INTO THIS INTERVIEW! Martin Atkins (Pigface, PiL, Killing Joke, etc.) – Episode 438

Martin Atkins, post punk/industrial hero, educator and author, is back on Car Con Carne. His music list of credentials is stunning: Pigface. Public Image, Ltd. Killing Joke. Ministry, the Damage…

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Power pop purveyor Drew Neely talks about his roots and interests (Episode 437)

Longtime local musician Drew Neely is a personal favorite. His monthly song project is pure power pop bliss… he joins me tonight for Car Con Carne! Thanks to C&H Financial…

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Let’s talk openly and honestly about suicide. Hope for the Day returns to Car Con Carne (Episode 436)

Mike Vinopal, Director of Education, and Joel Frieders, Director of public policy, for Hope for the Day return to Car Con Carne. They’ve been regular guests since the beginning of…

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The twisted and insanely funny mind of illustrator Rich Sparks (Episode 435)

The drawings in Rich Sparks’ new book, “Love (and Other Weird Things)” are dark, twisted and very funny. He’s sharing 10 of his personal favorites tonight, which you can see…

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This is a podcast about a girl: The Mr. T Experience (Episode 434)

Dr. Frank of the long-running and celebrated California pop-punk band The Mr. T Experience joins me today to talk about remastering the band’s catalog, including the new compilation “MTX Forever”…

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‘Saved by the Bell’ analyzed to a methodical, data-rich extreme: Author Matt Pais (Episode 433)

Imagine voluntarily watching every episode of Saved By the Bell and analyzing each one for subtext, messages and highlights. Like 2020 wasn’t hard enough already… Writer Matt Pais‘s new book, “Zack…

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“Why would I want to kill you? Is it because I’m Black?” – Behind the viral “racist Karen in Winnetka” video (Episode 432)

Otis Campbell talks about the racist incident that’s now gone viral

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Two bass guitarists. One undeniable post-punk, industrial-flavored sound: Bellhead (Episode 431)

Two musicians. Two bass guitars. That’s Bellhead. And it works… really well. The new EP from Bellhead, “Unicorn Bones” is a post-punk, industrial-flavored delight. Ivan and Karen join me tonight…