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It’s a Polish sausage, my friend: Felonious Munk sits shotgun for Jim’s Original (Episode 38)

Felonious Munk isn’t your typical stand-up comedian; he’s also a whip-smart commentator and observer of the human condition. For this episode of Car Con Carne, Munk sits shotgun for a trip to Jim’s Original in Chicago. Munk skips the Maxwell…

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Oye! Eso sandwich cubano no es un sandwich cubano! (El Cubanito with Patricia Forman) (Episode 37)

Cuban food makes its first appearance on Car Con Carne, as James meets interior designer/Lollipop Yoga CEO Patricia Forman at El Cubanito on the west side of Chicago. Patricia expresses her concern for James’s eating habits, especially as they pertain…

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Bomb scares, highbrow content and Phil Collins: Lillie’s Q with co-host “Hot Doug” Sohn (Episode 36)

“Hot Doug” (Doug Sohn) sits shotgun for a trip to Wicker Park. James talks about a bomb scare he lived through in Rosemont. And James and Doug go back and forth about music, from Phil Collins to Sonic Youth. Was…

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Rock ‘N Ribs with guest host Alex Quigley (Episode 35)

Chicago media favorite Alex Quigley (The Fox, WGN, Q101, Rivet) sits shotgun for a trip to the unfortunately-named Rock ‘N Ribs in Lake Zurich. James and Alex talk about rock music (from Foreigner to Smashing Pumpkins), childrens’ breakfast cereals, and…

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Car Con Carne rolls on

Mike Bratton is sadly no longer part of Car Con Carne, due to the fact his family is moving back to New York. I can’t properly articulate how important he was to the show, and how much I’ll miss our…

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Taste of Chicago

We had so much fun today!

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Spent last night working on fulfilling one of the Kickstarter rewards…

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Successfully funded: THANK YOU!

As of 3:30-ish this morning, we received word that our Kickstarter effort had closed and Car Con Carne is successfully funded. Thank you for your interest, enthusiasm and support. We hit the road again tonight, with special backseat guest John…

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Car Con Carne press!

Our recent guest Scott Smith wrote a very kind summary of how Car Con Carne started, along with some general guiding principles that have propelled the podcast forward. Scott’s a fabulous writer. Check out the piece here.

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