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This is a podcast about a girl: The Mr. T Experience (Episode 434)

Dr. Frank of the long-running and celebrated California pop-punk band The Mr. T Experience joins me today to talk about remastering the band’s catalog, including the new compilation “MTX Forever”…

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‘Saved by the Bell’ analyzed to a methodical, data-rich extreme: Author Matt Pais (Episode 433)

Imagine voluntarily watching every episode of Saved By the Bell and analyzing each one for subtext, messages and highlights. Like 2020 wasn’t hard enough already… Writer Matt Pais‘s new book, “Zack…

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“Why would I want to kill you? Is it because I’m Black?” – Behind the viral “racist Karen in Winnetka” video (Episode 432)

Otis Campbell talks about the racist incident that’s now gone viral

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Two bass guitarists. One undeniable post-punk, industrial-flavored sound: Bellhead (Episode 431)

Two musicians. Two bass guitars. That’s Bellhead. And it works… really well. The new EP from Bellhead, “Unicorn Bones” is a post-punk, industrial-flavored delight. Ivan and Karen join me tonight…

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The majestic screenprinted posters of The Bird Machine (Episode 430)

Do you love concert posters? Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine) has been making frameworthy screenprinted gig posters for years. He joins me tonight to talk about his career and share…

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Meet Chicago band Kowloon Bay (Episode 429)

Chicago band Kowloon Bay talks about their music, history and their ill-advised “Only Fans” concepts. Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services

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Hockey star Brent Sopel dedicates post-NHL career to helping kids struggling with dyslexia (Episode 428)

Ex-Blackhawk Brent Sopel’s been through hell and has dedicated his post-hockey career to helping people who are struggling with dyslexia. We had a brutally honest chat tonight about his struggles…

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Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz talks about his career in music (Episode 427)

Modern music wouldn’t be the same without the groundbreaking contributions of Talking Heads. Chris Frantz joins me to talk about his new book, ‘Remain in Love,” a memoir of his…

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‘Bombs Away’ with Chicago ‘party punks’ the Run Around (Episode 426)

The members of the Run Around came on Car Con Carne tonight to talk about their new EP (“Bombs Away”), their history, making the “Bombs Away” video in an armory,…

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Cold Beaches’ new album ‘Drifter’ is the right release for right now (Episode 425)

“Drifter,” the new album from Cold Beaches, is a welcome release in our time of isolation, uncertainty and stress. Sophia Nadia / Cold Beaches joins me tonight on Car Con…